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Originally Posted by mtclimber View Post

The comment about the oncoming 14mp cameras two month ago was conjecture. Ib reality the Panasonic ZS5 & ZS7 flash has been improved and the 14mp has worked successfully.

The same was not true for the Canon SX-210. At full zoom, the SX-210 shows decreased image quality. It you can stay away from the 392mm/14X optical zoom and don't pixel peep at a 100% crop, the SX-210 is a good choice.

Sarah Joyce
Hi mtclimber,
I am also in process of making a decision for sx200 vs xs210. The news I am getting from all the review is that IQ is dropped in Sx210 (CA etc). I used the following link to have a look, that supported it partially.


But my yake on this is : Sx210 is better camera for video features (stereo, zoom @video) etc). I like and would be using these. But I am not reday to sacrifice IQ of still images of my trips/picnicks.

Can you comment on whether the sx210's IQ is comparable to Sx200 for lower zoom (till 12x) and lower MP (8-12 MP level)? I am haunting for this information before I buy one.

I have seen some stuuning images from sx200 (flickr.com etc). But till now not such good images from sx210. Probably the persons are different having different operating conditions, and its too early for people to get adjusted with the new camera.

I had a look and operated the sx210 in one canon shop and I was impressed, but I cannot downlaod the images and crop etc or for a full view.

The ideal opinion ofr me would be from a same person handing both the camera and his feeling on the things.

Also, I feel the macro works better for sx200. Please comment if I am wrong.

Thanks for any suggestion.
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It is sort of a toss-up situation. The pop-up of the built-in flash exists in both models. The SX-210, though allows you to physically stow the offending flash. The increase to 14X optical zoom did indeed reduce the image quality in and near the max zoom. The wide angle which is very useful for landscape shots is only 28mm, in 35mm terms, you would be better served by 24mm or 25mm that are available on the Casio FH-100 or the ZS5/6/7 cameras. And the Macro Mode is about equal on both cameras.

Sarah Joyce
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The Casio FH-100 and Canon SX200 aren't really viable options for video due to lack of zoom. If you're set on Canon, the SX210 or even the SD-4000 would be better options for video.
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