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Default best camera for landscape

hi 2 all memberz.i juz wanted 2 ask which camera is best suitable for landscape ranging 450-500 us dollars.thanx a lot if any1 can kindely suggest me a gud camera.
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Pentax Kx with 18-55 kit lens. If you want to shoot landscapes and produce quality images, you need an APS-C dSLR at least. Any point-and-shoot will have much worse image quality. Or you could shoot film. Have fun!
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Most of the entry level dslr will do the job. But the K-x currently the top in the basic entry level class. The canon T2i, would be in the advance level dslr, but cost way more.

But for 500 the olympus e620 would work out nicely, also look at the canon XSi. They are all in the 500 dollar range. My top 3 in this price range would be the k-x, e620 and XSi for what you stated you needs are.

Besides landscape, what else do you like to shoot to help narrow a camera to best fit all you shooting needs
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For beginning landscape, the kit lens is definately the minimum you would want. When you are ready to progress to the next level, expect another $500 (plus) for an ultrawide angle lens, but I managed for years with the 18-55 before I got the Sigma 10-20. Just posted some samples in the "photo critique" area (Real Estate Photography thread).

Some good cameras have been referenced, particurally the Pntax and Canon. A couple things...
1) Play with them. Which one feels best to you.
2) What is the 'second' lens you want. Is it offered?

While i use a Nikon D90 (and D40 backup) If comparing the D3000 to the Canon XSi would probably lean towqards Canon...although my D40 served me well. Stepping up a little in price, the D5000 may be one to consider. The D90 (and Canon T2i) are way over budget - but I love the grids in the viewfinder when taking landscape shots. It really helps minimize the perspective distortion common with ultra-wide angle lens.
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