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Just a little update, but after much consideration (and your help), I am about to unbox my new Canon T2i.

$929.98 (pre-tax), which is $70 less than Canon's promo with T2i kit + 55-250mm. What can I say, I'm a negotiator.

Broke down and got the service plan though. I'm a sucker, but my 3.5 year old loves to take pics with my SD880, so I can only imagine he'll be grabbing for the T2i, since it looks like grandpa's camera.
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I have a service plan as I keep my gear a while, if you do not plan on being a upgrade photog, it is not a bad thing to have.

That is a great price for a great camera. You will be happy, congrats.
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congrats and happy shooting
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Good luck with it! The T2i is a fine camera.

Come back and post some of your shots and experiences.
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I did a bit of speed reading through this thread, and have an additional suggestion, that complements your new Canon, while supports your real estate business.

I would suggest that you acquire a wide angle lens as has been suggested here. Specifically the Tokina 12-24/f4. There is a reason for this and here is my thinking. The Tokina is not as wide as the Sigma 10-20, and thus has less distortion - which is good in the RE business. In terms of interior shots, I believe the Tokina 12-24 is better than the its newer cousin the Tokina 11-16/f2.8. First its less expensive, and second you are probably not going to be using the faster 2.8 lens due to the shallower depth of field the f2.8 provides - so why spend money for something that may not be used all that much. Also the 12-24 has a wider range and will help in that respect too.

A better alternative would be a tripod shooting what is called bracketing or HDR. The reason is that you would spend much less time shooting your interior pictures, setting up lighting, and having problems with the lighting from the windows being blown out. Also you would probably get better photos the first time and not have to go back and reshoot. Bracketing or HDR involves putting the camera on a tripod, setting up the shot, have the camera take 3 (or 5 - camera dependent) successive images (all automatic), one normal shot, one under exposed and one over exposed. Software on your PC merges them together in to a single image, that is usually much better exposed that any single one. Lighting is no longer an issue, and you get great depth of field within the room, and wonderful lighting. Your new Canon supports all of this.

Also, from what I understand this is pretty much the standard approach for interior RE shots, now days.

I found some links that illustrate the approach - not an advertisement for anything or anyone.... Note, pay particular attention to the various windows and the overall feeling of the images.

PS - you can also use this technique with your kit lens, however in time I would guess that you will migrate to a wider angle lens than the kit.

... anyway, just some thoughts

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