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I own the ZS5 model as I don't do video clips. The ZS5 is the ZS7 without the super video and the GPS. In my opinion the ZS5/7 is a very good outdoor camera. The ZS5/7 is less capable and rather limited when shooting with the built-in flash unit indoors. The Flash Range (the camera to subject distance measured in feet) is limited to no more than 8 feet using ISO 200.

Sarah Joyce
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No matter what camera you choose, there will always be good pictures produced by it. The question is, what is the ratio between total # of pictures taken vs. total # of keepers.This will tell you how good or bad a camera really is (assuming, of course, that you have some basic knowledge of photography). Also, keep in mind that many people do a significant amount of PP'ing before posting an image. This can be a crucial factor to many. People sometimes don't realize that in many conditions they may not get perfect results right out of the camera, thus the frustration and disappointment with the new equipment that many have. The ZS7 like any other camera, has its share of limitations but as long as you understand what they are and work around them, it's a good camera that will produce pretty decent results.

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