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dj76 Jun 8, 2010 2:33 AM

Do I need two cameras for what I want?
I have searched around this forum and found so much great information. I know I can't have it all in one camera, so I am wondering if I need two cameras, or if I can get something that I will be satisfied in with one.

First off, I have a pretty old Canon G2 and needs replacement mainly due to long lag times. So I am thinking a couple different ways. From what I gather browsing around here, a lot of the compacts will do great outdoors with lots of light. I do like the convenience where that could always be with me (or at least in my wife's purse). I also even have a cheap small older casio that is always in my car (but its on its last leg). So I believe it is important to have a compact camera that can always be taken with you.

The other aspect is lower light situations. We have a newborn and while lag time does not seem to be an issue yet, I can imagine it will be when he starts moving around. When I play around with some of the compacts in the store, they do seem to focus pretty fast compared to what I have now (although I do have to say I love how instant a DSLR focuses), but the store is usually pretty light so I dont know how these would focus indoors if the light isn't that great. Do you think a DSLR is worth it for these situations? I do feel if I got a DSLR only, that it wouldn't be with me everywhere I go, so that is why I would need the compact too. But I am afraid I am going to miss a lot of good shots of my baby too because of lag. I'm not saying I would only use the DSLR at home, but it would be nice to not feel like I am obligated to bring it all the time.

So to sum it up, since I notice in other posts questions about usage, experience, etc. are asked, I will mention that now. I am not just a fully automatic user, and am not afraid to learn new things about photography. But auto is important too because my wife would probably use that the most. And as far as how it will be used, I think I mentioned that above. Pretty much general usage: family gatherings, kids, outdoors, nature, vacations, etc. I am not going to say I am set on a budget either, because I am always ok with spending a little more if it is worth it. But if I had to give a range, I would say to keep everything around $1000.

So what do you guys think? Would you get a compact now, and then maybe a few months down the line get a DSLR or something else besides? Or get two now? Or do you think I can be satisfied with just one? Thanks in advance.

FiveO Jun 8, 2010 3:24 AM

It depends on what you don't mind carrying. If you woudln't mind carrying something in the size range of the Panasonic FZ35, you can spend a lot less than $1000 and still have a good versatile camera.

mtclimber Jun 8, 2010 10:36 AM


Depending on how much zoom you really desire the Canon G-11, S-90, and Sd-4000 are surely candidates that could solve your problems with a single camera.

Sarah Joyce

dj76 Jun 8, 2010 12:37 PM

I did look at the G-11 in the store since I have an old G model and it seemed very nice. I liked that ISO dial on it too. I was concerned that at times I may want more than that 5x zoom though. But then again, I don't have that much zoom now and seem to live with it. So maybe I will consider that again.

As far as what I don't mind carrying, I have to admit I don't bring my camera with me all the time because it requires carying it in a small bag. It is not heavy or hard to carry, but unless I plan on taking pictures, I don't bring it. That may change when we start going out more places with the baby, but I know for sure that a small one would always be in my wifes purse. But I also know that may not be versatile for all conditions. So that is what I am trying to figure out. My thinking is if it is not pocketable, it wouldn't really matter the size because I would have to carry it anyways.

mtclimber Jun 8, 2010 12:42 PM


The Canon S-90 uses the same imager and processor as the G-11 and it is pocket-size. There is also the Canon SD-4000 that is high ISO capable and pocket-size as well.

Sarah joyce

FiveO Jun 8, 2010 2:02 PM


Originally Posted by mtclimber (Post 1105237)

The Canon S-90 uses the same imager and processor as the G-11 and it is pocket-size.

+1. if you don't need the zoom or HD video, the S90 is a great cam.

Jazzer251 Jun 8, 2010 5:03 PM

+2 on the Canon S90 -- but if you like that idea make sure you handle the camera and are ok with the way it feels as some people don't like its ergonomics.

I had a similar issue as you -- i.e., I couldn't really find what I wanted in one camera. I eventually bought a Canon S90, which I have with me all of the time. Soon after, I got an FZ35 for zoom (I sometimes take wildlife photos on vacation and there are other times where a zoom is very helpful), a view finder (great in bright light) and HD video that was lacking in the S90 (not a big deal for me generally, but nice to have). I could have purchased a small DSLR for the price of the two cameras, but I don't think I would have had the same amount of versatility and certainly not the same level of convenience.

This hasn't been a perfect solution, however, as sometimes I would like a longer zoom and only have the S90 with me (the zoom, by the way, is a little less than the G11). Also, a DSLR is capable of better image quality than either the S90 or the FZ35, although that quality potential does come at the price of convenience.

Just some things to think about.

dj76 Jun 8, 2010 6:52 PM

I will definitely go handle that S90. I am not sure I like the idea of no HD video though. While it may not be a big deal yet, and although I do have a camcorder, I am not going to bring that everywhere either. It might be handy to have everything in a compact unit to have with me at all times, and perhaps something less portable for when I am prepared for that. When I figure out what is more important to me, I will come back and repost, because if I dont even know what I want myself, you guys proably can't help much!

NiNiKa Jun 9, 2010 10:39 AM

umm...cant u consider any micro four third as a candidate?

dj76 Jun 9, 2010 12:38 PM

I looked into those too and I don't think that would be a good choice for a pocketable one. Although the body is small, with the lens on it looks too big to put in a purse or pocket. Also, I wouldnt want to mess with multiple lenses with the pocketable one. I'll try to get to the store this weekend and handle some and try to make up my mind. Right now I am thinking of maybe getting a small one for now (like the S90 perhaps, or maybe something similar with more zoom and HD video), and then later when the baby starts walking around and stuff and is quicker and I miss indoor shots with that, then maybe get something a little quicker, even if it is bigger.


Originally Posted by NiNiKa (Post 1105689)
umm...cant u consider any micro four third as a candidate?

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