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Default What camara should I get??

Hello everyone, I'm going to buy a camera, and I would like to get the best I can for no more than $250, I went on the Digital Camera HQ site, (I like the rating system there) and these are the best Cannon cameras in this order:

1. Cannon Power shot SD 1400 IS $230

2. " " A3100 IS $149

3. " " A1100 IS $129

4. " " SD1200 IS $139

5. " " A590 IS $170

Also which memory card should I get with it, or does it come with one, and should I get an accessary bundle, should I buy on line or at a camera store, I live in the Wash DC area...Thanks!
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I really need some help with rhis...cmon people.
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Originally Posted by luv4skating View Post
I really need some help with rhis...cmon people.
Welcome to the forum. I would love to make a recommendation, but as
I have never handled any of these, it would only be based on the
experience of others. Some of them are reviewed on Steve's:

Canon make some very good point-&-shoot cameras. Any
recent reviews I have seen were very favourable.
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Welcome to the Forum. We're pleased that you dropped by.

All of your choices are from Canon, and that is fine. However, of the cameras listed, there is a variation in physical camera size and a small difference in capability as well. The best cameras in the group are the A-3100, A-590 and the SD-1200.

The A-3100 is the model for 2010 that replaces the A-2000. It is shaped like a deck of cards, have 4X optical zoom and is a very good choice for family, vacation, and outdoor use. The A-590 is from the 2009 lineup and received much praise and positive reviews from users and professional reviewers both. The A-1200 with 3X optical zoom, is also from 2009 and is is physically very small, about the size of a credit card and about 5/8" thick. None of these three cameras have a great deal of high ISO capability. They will begin to show considerable noise when the ISO setting goes above ISO 400.

Please tell us more about what you are usually shooting. My thought was that perhaps your screen name indicated an interest is ice skating and that indoor shots without flash might be on your list of photos. Should that be the case, while flash shots, using the camera's built-in flash unit are possible within a distance of 10 feet or less, photos without flash in an indoor rink are not really possible.

Sarah Joyce

All three cameras can do standard video
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