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hey maybe someone should start a group where people post their photos up and other people critique their work
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Originally Posted by Trihame View Post
hey maybe someone should start a group where people post their photos up and other people critique their work
Scroll down to the Post Your Photos section of the forums here, and you'll see that the first forum in the list is named Photo Critiques

Make sure to read the Photo Critiques Guidelines (it's a sticky thread at the top of the threads list in that forum).
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Even though I'm the guy who suggested you run with the film camera...

I have no personal experience, but the S3 seems to have a reputation of being a capable camera. Unless you have a defective unit, it should be a decent camera for learning.

As you mentioned, I would suggest posting some examples, along with aperture setting, shutter speed, ISO, and whatever shooting mode you were using, along with your observations when capturing the shot. The S3 doesn't give you ALL the flexibility of a 35mm SLR or a DSLR, but there's still plenty to be gained from it while investing $0 on top of what you've already spent.

If it is defective, then you are back at a decision point.

I'll say this... My entire investment in my Sony a200 DSLR + kit lens + 75-300mm zoom + Minolta 50mm prime + a manual focus 35mm SLR and lenses + autofocus SLR, was less than the cost of an Olympus E-P2. The bonus is that two of the lenses I bought for the a200 also work with the autofocus SLR.

Although admittedly the E-P2 looks like a fun piece of gear.

For now, unless you've completely given up on the S3, I think it's worth figuring out why you're not getting satisfactory results. You can find that help here.

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we 35mm is reference on the board it mostly applies to lens ranges, as all MM ranges on lens are base on 35mm film standard or Full Frame digital. Then you need to apply the crop factor to it to get the perceived range when you use the lens.

The crop factor for the ep2 is 2x. So any lens that said to be 45-200mm is the actual range of the lens, then you account for the smaller sensor of the m4/3 sensor and get a range of 90-400mm when you apply the crop factor.

With point and shoots like the s3, the sensors size is really tiny, that is why in less the ideal lighting condition and out of flash ranges, it tends to get noise. The sensor it 1/2.25 in size. The ep2 is more then 4 times as larges as that sensor. So it is better at higher iso of 1600.
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Ok I will post some of the pictures I have taken that I have taken when I get home. I know for sure that the camera can take better pictures than it normally produces on auto mode because I took some "fluke" photos yesterday just playing around that were more clearer. Im just really mad cause that means auto is usless. anyone wana trade? lol
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i personally think for someone learning photography a dslr is a much better option - you can see your result instantly and try again until you get the shot right - that experimentation at no cost with instant feed back makes learning so much easier

film you could waste an entire reel and not get a shot worth keeping and worse not know why

perhaps you could borrow a better camera from friends or family to play with until you can afford a dslr?
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Well this is an interesting topic!

So that means my old Canon TLB is worth about $25? And the various lenses about the same?

I had an AF Pentax (LOVED IT!) but it was stolen and I replaced it with an N80 just before digital cameras were really starting to come in. So that one is worth not much, either? I shot like two rolls of film on it and haven't used it since ;-/

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Canon AE-1 Program. Used to have one of those and loved it. Awesome camera!
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There are so many lovely old film SLRs out there for hardly any money at all.

Nikon FM3, Olympus OM1, anything by Contax.

Just find yourself a camera shop with old stock for sale in the window.
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