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Default buying an older camera

My mother wants to buy an older camera. Some that she have looked at are only 5-8 MP. She's not really looking to print anything. She will mainly use this camera for taking photos for eBay, etc. The cameras that she is looking at are older high quality cameras that are between 5 and 8 mp. I'm not convinces that she should do this considering that I'm seeing 12 and 14 mp on sale now for the same prices as these older ones. She actually prefers the larger body of the older cameras. BUT, she will be taking pics of things like clothing labels and other small print. Will 5MP do it? or should she be looking at something more up to date?

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If it is new and for ebay, a 8mp will be fine for getting the details. I would avoid used point and shoot cameras though.
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Thanks for the tip. Can you suggest some that don't require an absolute steady hand or tripod. Does that make sense? Are there cameras that perform better for those who may not have the most steady hand? Right now she has a Casio Exilim 10.1 mp and the pics are not what we would consider great. Seems like if you can manage to be perfectly still (holding your breath lol) then they come out half way decent but we have just seen much better performance from some older cameras that we've seen.
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It really depends on the condition of the camera she is purchasing. There are older cameras out there that were put away in a closet and forgotten about. Are you purchasing this camera on E-Bay, or will you be able to see it before buying? Due to E-Bay's image size requirements, 5 to 8 mp will do a fine job.

Sarah Joyce
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Hi cecekingskid,

As Sarah mentioned, a 5-8 MP camera will do a fine job for ebay pictures.

Pictures from a 5 MP camera are 2584 x 1936 pixels in size. Note that the standard picture that is shown with ebay listings is only 300 pixels wide by 300 pixels high. Even clicking the “enlarge” button on a listing usually displays pictures that are 800 x 600 pixels or less in size. So as you can see, even a 5 MP camera is way overkill for pictures in an ebay listing.

As far as taking personal photos to be printed, a 6x4 inch print only requires 2.16 MP and a 7x5 inch print only requires 3.15 MP. So again even a 5 MP camera is more than necessary for those size prints with no loss of picture quality.

The clarity of the print on clothing labels will depend strictly on the quality of the lens on the camera. There will not be any loss of clarity because of the MP of a 5-8 MP camera.


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I use my Mobile Phone to take pics for some Ebay stuff and that is only 3.2mp and the shots are great!
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It depends on the camera (both brand and model). I have an old Sony H1, which is a 5 MP camera and it takes gorgeous pictures. The only reason I bought the new Pana ZS6 was size as I wanted something small but with good zoom capability. However, overall the H1 takes much better pictures than the ZS6. Another old (and still very popular) Sony model is the V3. This is a 7 MP 4x optical zoom camera but with a large sensor and full of great features no longer available on any new P&S. The camera produces excellent results. You can get it on eBay for around $150. I'm sure there are many other old cameras worth looking into.

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