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Default Upgrading A610 to an Ultra Compact?

I currently have a Canon Powershot A610 that was giving me some troubles with a jerky zoom and sticking lens cover. Of course, now that I'm looking for a new camera, it's working fine and making me doubt I need to upgrade and just deal with the weight, but I really want something.

Anyway, I was looking at the Canon SD780, SD940, SD1300, and can't really decide between them. I was leaning towards the SD780, but have been reading reviews of soft pictures.

Also, if anyone had a suggestion beside them? I'm not familiar with anything not Canon, so willing to look at others!

I love the features my A610 had (shutter speed priority, aperture priority, color swap, color accent), but I want something lighter this time, so I know I'll have to make a couple of compromises. I would want to use it for a theme park I'm visiting this summer, but generally I just use it for pictures of people or things I find interesting/fun.
  • Light
  • ~$200
  • Viewfinder is optional
  • Great image quality, obviously
  • Not necessary, but would enjoy it to be in a variety of colors not just black/silver

Thank you for your help!

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Welcome to the Forum. We're pleased that you dropped by.

Personally, I would avoid the SD-780. I had one and ended up selling it due to the rather soft images. And owning a large imager, A-610, you are used to sharp images. The SD-940 is an average camera and has achieved a lot of popularity. Costco had it on special recently at $199 with a case and a memory card.

I would pass-up the SD-1300 and look for a SD-1200 which has fewer mp and better images, plus an optical view finder.

Sarah Joyce

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Thanks for the advice Sarah Joyce, I'll go check it out!
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