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Default Pentax K-X with or without extra lenses

Hi everyone,

I'm new on this forum but already had some look around for which camera I will buy.
Also a friend of mine (JC de Jonge) is helping me to find a good camera.
I was thinking about the Pentax or the Canon 500D/550D and going for the Pentax because of the quality and price.
JC already got one, the Pentax K-X. He bought it with the 18-55 & 50-200 but is advising me to buy the one with 50-300.

I have some sites where I can buy this all and want your opinion because my price range is not that high.

Found a Pentax K-X for 469, Pentax + 18/55mm for 469 (so that is easy choice)
But now I want the 50-300 also and cost me 739. all in euro.
http://www.pentax.co.uk/en/group/14/...to_Lenses.html ...I think this is the lense what is add to the kit?

If you have other advises be welcome to add them.
What I want to do with the camera is make it a hobby. I want to make pictures when I travel.
Mostly for making pictures of landscapes, nature and maybe animals.

Hope you can help me. With giving me the final push I need and not only looking at numbers and money.

Regards Ralph
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The Pentax K-x is a fine camera, and the 18-55 is a fine lens. The 55-200 is not so fine. The 55-300 is better, not to mention longer. The one you've linked to is the DA 55-300, but the one that's bundled with the camera is the DA-L, which is optically identical but is missing some features and doesn't come with the lens hood.

If you get the DA-L as part of a kit, you may want to get the lens hood seperately. If you can't get the DA-L, the DA is more expensive, so you may want to consider the Tamron 70-300 Di LD which is about as good, and it's cheaper (and it comes with a hood.)
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The da-l and da 55-300mm is actually better on the long end then the tamron 70-300. If you get the package form of the 55-300mm, it does not come with a hood, only the more expensive DA comes with the hood. The DA-L is about the same price as the tamron, but only available in kit form. The tamron is a better macro lens, then a long zoom.

If you are looking to save, I would get the 2 kit lenses with the 55-300mm. It gives you a system that covers 90% of general photography needs. And the lenses produce good image quality. Unless you want the high build quality of the DA lens with the metal base plate and clutch for manual focus. The DA-L would work just fine.

EBay would be the best place to get hoods for the k-x lenses, only 1/4 of the price of the real pentax hoods.
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I can't comment on the 50-200 and 55-300 because I haven't used them. There is EXTENSIVE discussion of the merits of such zooms at http://www.pentaxforums.com/ in the BEGINNERS and DLSRs and LENSES forums. Personally, when I bought a K20D a couple years ago, I skipped the kits (although I later bought a DA18-55 CHEAP) and got lenses with the coverage I wanted: DA10-17 fisheye zoom, DA18-250 superzoom (no longer made but available new and used), and FA50/1.4 for low light. Since then I've bought way too many lenses, mostly cheap manual primes.

Suggestion: Instead of deciding between offered kit zooms, think about where you want to go and what will get you there. For me initially, that was ultrawide, ultralong, and low light, followed by macros and various applications. Those kit lenses are good for learning and general coverage -- but how annoying will it be to have to switch lenses at the 50mm decision point? (I'd rather switch at 18 and 250, not 50.) And do you want to shoot in low light, even pushing the Kx's high-ISO capabilities? Great fast manual primes are still available for VERY little money, in the US$10-50 range.

Just some things to think about. Have fun!
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I have both the DA 50-200 and the DA 55-300. I picked up the 50-200 when I first purchased my dSLR, the K100 4 or so years ago. I then picked up the 55-300 after it first came out about 2 or so years ago.

The 55-300 is much better. The 50-200 is much lighter in weight. I rarely use the 50-200 now always going with the 55-300. I like its reach and it image quality is wonderful.
I do like Rio's suggestion, and that does work if you know what you want to do. However, if you really are not sure of what you want to do and want lenses that will help you with that, without breaking the bank - the kit lenses are the way to go. Plus, they are not bad lenses - they are actually quite good. The problem is that when compared with the best lenses - you can see the difference, but then that is after paying thousands of dollars in costs.

What I want to do with the camera is make it a hobby. I want to make pictures when I travel.
Mostly for making pictures of landscapes, nature and maybe animals.
Landscapes and possibly nature usually use normal to wide angle lenses. Nature again and animals are usually normal to telephoto. So the kit fits. If not the kit then what? There is the DA 16-45 which is good - better image quality then the kit, and wider for landscapes. For the telephoto, you have the DA 55-300 again. Now thoes are the zooms. You can go the prime route with multiple lenses - which gets expensive.

Now the difference. The kit lenses provides you with a means to get the lenses in a kit at a discount. The kit lenses the DA L 55-300 does have a plastic mount, does not have the hood, and maybe one other feature removed - I do not remember. But the regular DA 55-300 runs $350 just by itself. Both models are optically the same.

Your alternatives are much more expensive, however they all top out at 300mm or less, as well as being larger and heavier.

Also, here is a thread with some discussions on this area of normal to telephoto lenses.
Plus there is a whole entire area here on Steve's just devoted to Pentax glass, or lenses that fit on Pentax bodies. There are quite a few posts that cover your specific questions.

There is an excellent thread on wildlife lenses there. I think it will be very eye opening.

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When I got my Kx, I went right for the Tamron 18-250 and have never regretted it. It's a fine all around lens.
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