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Default Unusual feature set

I'll admit it up front. I'm cheap. Several years ago I bought my first ever digital camera, a Canon A700. I really enjoyed using this little wonder , up until about six months ago. That's when the LCD screen got damaged. Luckily, this little beauty has an optical viewfinder so I was still able to take pictures and ignore the busted screen. Which is what I did.

I almost never used the screen anyway, in order to save battery life. Early on, I found that I could take 50 or so pictures with the LCD screen, or nearly five times that amount by turning off the the screen completely. Not that AA batteries are that expensive, but they always seem to run out at the worst times. Luckily, they are easy to replace! Especially that time I was on a long cycling trip and the batteries died. Popping into a local market and buying new batteries was really quick and easy. Some people say disposable batteries are bad for the environment, but I think those people are ignoring the long term effects of heavy metal waste storage and disposal.

But now the control are getting kind of dodgy. The zoom doesn't work unless you twiddle the knobs a bit, and the shutter button sometimes refuses to take a picture. I can "work around" these problems by cycling the power every time the camera locks up, but that defeats the main reason I chose this camera to start with: it used to take pictures quickly.

Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions on which new camera might be for me. I've done a little research and will continue to do so, but most of the reviews seem to focus on things like megapixels and zoom ratios. Frankly, my old A700 is only 6.0 megapixel and 6x zoom. That has been "enough" for me so far, so anything better would be fine.

The three most important features (for me) are:
1. Uses AA batteries
2. Has a fast power up and recycle time
3. Optical viewfinder

Doe anyone have any suggestions on a model that might be good for me?
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Welcome to the Forum. We're pleased that you dropped by.

Following the lead of your first paragraph, we have a suggestion. Keeping your cost to a minimum, you might want to take a look at the Kodak Z-915, it is AA battery powered. It has 10mp with 10X optical zoom, and standard video. It sells for less that $100.00. Another option is the 10mp, 3X optical zoom Canon A-495 which sell for less than $100.00 as well and uses AA batteries.

If you want HD video, there is the Kodak Z-950 selling at around $130.00. It has 12mp, 10X optical zoom, and HD video, but it is not powered by AA batteries. We are a family of 5 with 3 very active teens. I purchased two Kodak Z-950 cameras for family use. They take excellent photo, and they have stood up very well to lots of hard family use.

Sarah Joyce
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