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Default Nikon coolpix p100 vs Samsung TL350

So I've been doing tons and tons of research about my next camera, my budget is about $300. Its mostly for high action photography, so my most important features are.

1. very fast shot to shot, burst mode, processing, etc. Just overall want to be able to snap shots very fast, with good quality.
2. Full manual controls
3. Able to do 1080P video at 30fps, 720P video at 60fps, as well smaller resolution modes at 120 and 240fps.

Now I was just getting ready to settle for the coolpix p100 which I can find for $300 refurbished. I had considered the fuji HS10 also, heard its better in some ways, although worse in others, and it is a bit more expensive, so was definetly leaning towards the Nikon. But at the last minute I just discovered the Samsung TL350 which is a small compact, seems to have most of the same specs as the P100, does all the 1080P video and high speed video on lower resolutions, optical stabalization, claims can do 10fps, etc, seemingly all the stuff I need. It basically seems (on paper), to be a nikon p100 only without the zoom, in a smaller package.

Now heres the thing. I know they are in completely different classes. For me the size, and zoom aren't the deciding factors. I'm on neutral ground weather I want a compact with small zoom, or a larger one with big zoom. What will make my decision is quality and functionality of the pictures and videos. So heres the main question, putting those two things aside how will they compare. Will the Nikon p100 definetly take better pictures all around, including low light, etc since it does have a much larger lens, pop up flash, etc. Is that like a no-brainer. Or can the samsung actually be capable of taking the same (or better) quality pictures in its compact package? Since it does seem to have similar specs. Reviews and details for the samsung tl350 have been slim so its hard to find info.
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