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Default silent operation-total silence

I have read many, many camera reviews but none ever mentions silent operation.

I had the experience of being in a ground blind 30 feet from a mamma bear and 2 young cubs for an hour and I only got one pic. My camera beeps every time you take a pic and you can't turn it off. So I took one pic, they almost bolted and I didn't risk any other pics.

Black Bears are cautious and scare easy, but frankly, I prefer they don't know I am there at all.

So I want a camera that either has no electronic noise or the ability to turn them off 100%. Also I need no physical click when the pic is taken. Less important but still nice would be no physical sound on the zoom feature. I can preset a focal length so I can get around some noice on the zoom.

So the camera does need zoom, and it needs to be easy to pack along with other equipment so I don't want a SLR and lens system.

Any ideas?
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The click is usually the mirror being lifted and slapping back down. To avoid that, I would look for a camera with out a mirror box - essentially and EVIL dSLR. The beep is probably an in-focus indication to you the photographer that you have achieved focus. That can usually be turned off within the menu system.

I would look at the EP-1 and some Panasonic offerings. Samsung has a mirrorless camera, along with Sony. Canon is suppose to be coming out with one, and maybe even Pentax. There is a large camera show in late September in Germany, so there probably will be a lot of announcements coming out here in the near future...

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