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Default Suggestions for shooting HDRI

Hi there, I was wondering if I could get some advice on which camera to buy to shoot HDRI's. I would prefer to get a Canon SLR as a lot of my friends also have Canon's, so I can borrow all their sexy lens'

I need a camera that can do automatic bracketed f-stops of -4, to +4 (5 shots - as far as I know, open to correction on this though)

At the moment I could afford to get the 550d, would this do or would I have to call the bank manager to see if he can help me out

Thanks, in advance, for your help.
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I'm not sure about this... But, I think the 550D is limited to 3 shots in a bracketing sequence with a maximum of 2 stops between shots, which means you'd only be able to get -2 to +2. For example, this sequence (with a 4 stop total spread between the lightest and darkest image).

-2, 0, +2

But, you could always take more than one sequence after adjusting your exposure if your subject is stationary and you're using a tripod.

Hopefully, some of our members will chime in with more knowledge, as that's what I found with a quick glance at this database (which is using reader supplied data, and may not be totally accurate).

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Thanks a lot Jim, I'll check that resource out...

wow, I'm deffo gonna have to call the bank manager if I want to go automatic bracketing, seems as though the only one I can go for is the 1D

I'd say I will be mostly shooting still life for tone mapping and to a lesser extent shooting HDRI for using as lighting and reflection maps in 3d renders for compositing, so doing more than 1 shot should not cause me too much difficulity.

Thanks again for the advice
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