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That is a fine camera but it is not designed for sports work and you'll have the same issue I originally pointed out - you wont have a lens long enough to get quality photos at a professional event. It's impossible for anyone besides you to know what you mean by "respectable sports photos that are great quality for what I need it for" besides you. But the focus systems in these cameras are not designed for fast focus tracking and you don't have lenses long enough / bright enough for professional sports IMO. So keep your expectations very low for the sports work. Otherwise you're going to be disappointed.
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The nex are good for the snap shots, with way more image quality that you may be uses to. So it will be an upgrade. But there are only 3 lenses available for the nex the pancake, the 18-55 an the 18-200, and the 18-200 is a 800 dollar lenses, design for HD video. Like the lens on the GH1.

If you were considering a m4/3 like the GH1, G2, or olympus pen. You will have allot more options as their lenses are interchangeable between the different brands with full AF and metering functions and aperture. Also the G2, G10 and the pen's can all use 4/3 dslr lenses for the oplympus dslr with a adapter. And again you will have AF, metering and aperture control. Though they may not be the bet for action. You can get decent zoom for a decent price of 280 with the panasonic 45-200mm. Giving you very good reach for general photography uses.

The price of the m4/3 may be a bit less if you feel you need more reach then the NEX. Also with the m4/3 head start, they have more lenses currently, and are going to be announce even more lenses in the near future.

So if the m4/3 is currently a more versatile camera.
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Originally Posted by mattd708 View Post
... I just want something that will keep me happy, it does not have to be professional, so based off of this information....is this an absolutely awful decision or does it seem good enoguh to keep me satisfied? ...
Anything short of a dSLR will be a dead end, so if you don't want to go that route, I suggest you not spend a lot of money on whatever you do get.
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Now that I have shot my big mouth off on the confusing, opinionated world of DSLRs, I must respond to subsequent posts. Although the NEX is a capable camera for casual shooting, of all the choices mentioned it is the least favorable for what you want to do. It's not a system you can build on, and the money would be better spent on one of the other cameras mentioned. Good luck with your decision.
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