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Default When do new DSLR come out

Being new to DSLR, I do have a question. When do new DSLR come out each year? It feels like they don't come out that often and that each DSLR have a pretty good resell value. Am I right?
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When ever the manufacturers want to do it - there is really no set time, or season of the year. There are several major camera shows around the world, during the year. Sometimes they announce prior to or during a show. Some times its just out of the blue - whenever, they happen to be ready.

However, this year there is a major show in Germany in late September. It appears that quite a few of the brands will be announcing and showing something new then. (September 21 - 24)

In terms of resale value, the older it is the more the price drops. dSLR bodies and lenses tend to trend differently. Bodies are similar to your computer (PC) and tend to drop. Lenses on the other hand tend to hold their value longer. Bodies with such a high electronics content, tend to depreciate a lot, and to some extent are repairable but are expensive to do. So its the decision to repair versus the price of a new one.

The best approach is to "buy last year's model". The camera brands usually announce new bodies every 12 to 24 months, or so. So, a good approach is to look to purchase the model being replaced (given that it has a good reputation - and most do, there are very few "dogs"). That will probably save you up to 50% off of its introduction price. That will save you a lot of price depreciation, and would thus maintain its value to the greatest extent.

Here are some price histories over time....

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This isn't like the automobile industry, where all manufacturers introduce their new models in the early fall. Camera manufacturers tend to show new models during or near the big camera shows like the biennial Photokina (September, even numbered years) or the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES, early January) and Photo Marketing Association International (PMA) International Convention and Trade Show (around February), but product introductions occur whenever the manufacturer wants to increase interest in its product line. So there's no "end of year clearance" sale.

And used dSLRs are a bit of a gamble, since there's no way to judge how much use and abuse a camera body has received at the hands of prior owner(s). (Buying a used dSLR is like buying a used car without the CarFax Report.) Factory refurbished models sell at a discount, but used dSLRs in private hands don't really sell for much. But that doesn't stop people from trying, and sometimes they get lucky.
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Chances are, we'll see a number of new dSLR models announced this month and next month, leading into Photokina, as mentioned by interested_observer

The year end buying season is the busiest for camera sales. So, manufacturers will probably try to have them on store shelves as soon as possible after the announcements. But with some models, it could take a while before you can get your hands on one. Also, early adopters of a new model tend to pay a premium for one, whereas you'll usually see more competitive pricing from manufacturers once supply starts exceeding demand.
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