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Default Olympus pen e-pl1 or Pentax K-x?

Hey, I am in need of a new camera, going on vacation soon and I want some good quality pictures. Personally I myself am into video and I know both of these cameras can do video but which is better at it? I like having the ability to utilize manual controls in video (f-stop, shutter speed). Both cameras are about the same price but I can't decide, any help is appreciated. Thank You.
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the pentax would be the better low light camera, shooting well up to 3200iso, the epl1 is not that bad in low light shooting well upto 2000iso. You can use 6400 with the pentax and edit the NR in pp, and you can shoot the epl-1 at 3200 and edit the NR also. They will both give you useable photos with some work at 6400 and 3200.

The pentax is the way better action camera because the contrast base systems or the EVIL's cameras are not as good at a dslr.

On the video, the epl-1 take the lead here, it is a bit better then the pentax when shooting video. The liveview system just works better then the dslr. Closer to a point and shoot shooting video, not as clunky. Also you can use all the art filters when shooting HD, giving you those interesting effects. But if you are into Video editing, then it is not a big deal. Also you can add an external mic, which is a huge advantage, when you focus, you do not hear the motors going.

For traveling, the epl-1 is just a more compact package. With the optional removable VF2. It just packs down smaller, and is lighter to schlepp around.

I shoot both, and the epl-1 is my travel camera, but if I was shooting action or very low light the pentax is a better tool for that. I prefer the way the epl-1 handles HD shooting way better then either the pentax k-x or my canon T1i.
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Welcome to the Forum. We're pleased that you dropped by.

Personally I own both the EPL-1 and the Pentax Kx. As I see it, there are only two issues involved. (1) If camera size is an issue, then the EPL-1 wins, as it is smaller. (2) If the ability to frame your photos, then the Kx wins, because it has a very handy and accurate optical viewfinder. On the EPL-1, you have to squint at a LCD screen in bright sunshine, and attempt to frame your photos, except if you purchase the accessory VF-2 view finder that costs around an extra $275.00.

Both cameras have very good image quality.

Sarah Joyce
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