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Default Superzoom

I have the Nikon P90 and was looking to buy the Fuji HS-10 the first of the month. I have read the threads here on that camera and so far Im pretty impressed. What other superzooms compare to the ones listed above?
I take a lot of photos of people, animals, landscapes, flowers and some buildings. I want to get a slr but dont want to carry around a lot of diff lenses and having a kid with me that wouldnt be an easy task.
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Welcome to the Forum' We're pleased that you dropped by.

The Nikon P-90 images showed a lot of noise at ISO settings of ISO 400 and above. So I can understand your desire for a new camera. It appears that you priority is for a camera capable of long zoom shots. Here in the USA, the Panasonic FZ-35/38 is selling for less than $300. That makes it over $100 cheaper than the Fuji HS-10.

My problem with the HS-10, which is selling for around $400 here in the USA, is that it is essentially the same price, or a bit more, than the Sony A-230 or Olympus E-600 DSLR cameras. I personally began my DSLR career using a Sony A-230 with just one lens: a used Sigma 18-125mm lens and got many fine photographs with that camera. Both the Sony A-230 and the E-600 are small, and very user friendly DSLR cameras that are designed to make the transition from a P+S camera to a DSLR camera a smooth and easy journey.

So in summary, my first recommendation would be the Sony A-230 or the E-600, followed by the Panasonic FZ-35/38, and then, the Fuji HS-10.

Sarah Joyce

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