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Default Looking for best camera under $200...but cheaper is better :)

Looking for a new camera for my wife. She currently has a 4 year old Kodak Z650 (6 MP, 12x zoom). It's pretty good, but it's bulky and she wants something thinner (~1 inch). She also isn't happy with night shots, and shots inside semi-dark/low light rooms.

With that said, I've looked at hours of camera reviews, and I'm still undecided.

She has a friend who has a 1-2 year old Sony Cybershot that she really likes the quality of, but the newer Cybershots seem to have mixed reviews. Like for example, the w350 and 370 have bad battery life, and are slow (time in between pictures).

I've read the Lumix FH20 being recommended. Would you all recommend the FH20 over the w330, w350, and w370? What about the Canon SD780? Any other cameras you all would recommend?

Here is a list of features that I think she wants...
- Fairly thin
- Capable of good night pictures (within reason)
- Capable of pictures indoors in low-light (within reason)
- Ability to take pictures right after another with minimal delay (if possible)
- Image stabilization (this prevents blurriness at night, right?)
- Capable of wide, or wider than normal, pictures (so many times we can't get everything in)

Features I don't think she cares about...
- HD video (we already have a camcorder)
- Megapixels (seems like 8-10 would be more than plenty)

Let me finish by saying that we aren't expecting SLR quality. I understand there are limitations with P&S cameras. Just whatever you all think would be best. BTW, cheaper is better, because I'm planning to get her another gift(earrings). If you all think there's a cheaper model that's 9/10ths of the higher priced model, then by all means let me know.

I know I've laid a lot on you all - Thanks in advance for your help.
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Welcome to the Forum. We're pleased that you dropped by.

As you might expect the selection in the under $200 price range is not vast. My suggestion would be the Kodak Z-950 that www.amazon.com has at around $131.00.

The Z950 has 10X optical zoom, full automatic and manual controls, and it shoots HD video and allows zooming while filming. We have a busy family with teens, so I purchased two Z-950 camera, and we have been very happy with the image quality and the durability of these two cameras that get heavy use.

Sarah Joyce
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