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samsung has made moves to improve their products. But I think that the sony still has the lead on samsung with cameras. Samsung is still not at the same level as the other camera companies yet. But they are making allot of strides to catch up in reliability and performance.
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Originally Posted by gboa View Post
ive always read that the panasonics are poor indoor low light conditions ...
Most compact P&S cameras have limited low light capability simply because their flashes are small and not very powerful due to size limitations. However, there are things one can do to minimize the flash weaknesses. Set the camera to a forced ISO 400 (even though some models may produce noisy images at this ISO, that is not necessarily the case when shooting with flash because there is plenty of light from the flash, enough to drastically reduce the high ISO noise). This will significantly increase flash reach; increase flash output by +2/3 if shooting in large rooms or +1/3 when shooting in more confined spaces; set the WB to Flash (if this setting is offered by the camera and if not, make sure WB is set to AUTO as most cameras will handle WB well in AUTO mode when shooting with flash). It's amazing how much a correct WB setting can positively affect IQ; make sure you set the flash to FORCED FLASH rather than AUTO. The reason is because in AUTO the camera may or may not choose to fire the flash depending on the surrounding light condition. More often than not, the camera makes an incorrect decision to not fire the flash because it thnks there's enough ambient light and as a result, the subject will appear dark due to background lighting; then save these settings in a "custom" mode for easy access (most cameras offer that). I use these settings and vary seldom get disappointed with my indoor shots.

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this happened to me last time when picking a dslr,a person i was talking to at an afternoon bbq mentioned he just picked up a sony dsc w390 and raved about it, $275 cdn fits in the budget. i cant find too many reviews about it though...what do ya think?
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heres a film i did last weekend with my canon sd4000

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