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Originally Posted by Jim V View Post
So, Jim, you don't think the light loss to the main sensor will be an issue??? I sure want to start taking some night/twilight shots!! Jim
Compared to what? ;-)

The higher resolution sensor in the A55 is a better performer, despite the 1/3 stop light loss through the mirror, than any of the 14MP Sony Models (A33, A560, A550, NEX-5), from what I can see from photos. I was just looking at a comparison this morning showing higher ISO speed crops when you downsize the higher resolution images from the A55 to 14MP, so that you're comparing the same viewing/print size. It's a pretty good sensor. I'd print some samples at the size you're going to use for comparison purposes.

IOW, so what if you're losing 1/3 stop through the mirror. What other camera that you can order with an APS-C size sensor is better right now from a noise perspective, especially when you consider that it's more sensitive than set. ISO 3200 is more like shooting at ISO 4000 with some of it's competitors, from what I can see from high ISO speed still life test photos at imaging-resource.com (the Sony is set to use faster shutter speeds for proper exposure at f/8 for a given ISO speed compared to some of the competing cameras)?

Sure, you may see 1/3 stop better noise performance if you take the same sensor, processing, etc., and compare 100% crops. For example, the A33 compared to the A560. But, 1/3 stop isn't very much anyway. It would be like the difference in noise between ISO 3200 and ISO 4000 with a given camera; and these newer sensors are very good at higher ISO speeds.

Chances are, if you compared the A55 and A580, you'd see the same type of thing (about 1/3 stop more noise from the A55). That's minor, considering how good the performance of these sensors are at higher ISO speeds (especially when you start comparing them to how sensors performed at ISO 3200 to 6400 not long ago).

But, the A580 isn't available for pre-order in the U.S. Market right now; and the A55 has some features you don't get with it (as well as a smaller size/weight).

There are pros and cons to any of them. ;-)
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but the A55 compare to the a560, I would have excepted that, 14mp vx 16mp. We will have to wait for the a580 sample to compare it to the A55. I expect they will be close to what we see with the a33 and the a560.
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