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Bill you've probably already ordered, but you will require the DMW-LA3 adapter also so you can mount the LC-55 on the FZ35. It's a 55.8mm X 55mm adapter and other companies make it as well for cheaper than Panasonic...
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Originally Posted by Hards80 View Post
the Raynox 250 i mentioned would probably be overkill for this, the 2 diopter panasonic would be enough, or if you went with raynox the 150 would be easier to work with too.
This is a FYI: Raynox and other closeup adapters are numbered by their focal lengths, so a DCR-250 is 250mm, etc. Diopters are calculated as the inverse of the focal length, in meters. So an an xx500 is 1000/500 = +2 dpt, xx250 is 1000/250 = +4 dpt, xx150 is 1000/150 = +6.66 dpt, and xx55 is 1000/55 = +18.2 dpt (where xx is whatever prefix the lensmakers uses). More +diopters means more magnification and closer work. For the math involved, see the Wikipedia entries on DIOPTER and MAGNIFICATION. Basically, diopters are additive, and small +diopter adapters have little effect on short lenses, such as those on P&S cams.
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