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Default Question about video on T1i/T2i

I basically want to know how good the video is on one of these cameras as opposed to camcorder. I bought a lower priced JVC HD camcorder to shoot the baby and it is decent, not great, especially when there is plenty of light. There really aren't any manual settings though like frame rate or shutter speed.

I don't know if anyone has done this, but many years ago I transferred some old film (8mm and super 8) onto VHS by basically running the projector off of a wall and recording the image with a VHS camcorder. I tried one of those transfer boxes but I got better images off of the wall. I was going to just transfer the VHS to digital media but there is a lot of flicker in them from the light of the projector. I read somewhere on the web where you can eliminate that flicker by adjusting the frame rate (or maybe the shutter speed, I forget) of the camcorder to match the projector, so I was going to try copying them from the film again. I notice these cameras, especially the T2i, appear to have adjustable frame rate. Since this setup would just require it on a tripod and no focusing, I am wondering if these can shoot as good of video or better than a camcorder, especially one like I have. Or is video on these more of a "nice to have" feature? (And in case anyone comments on my project here, none of the videos have sound so that should make it easier. And I am aware of the video transfer services but my family has tons of these old films and can't really afford to do that, just in case anyone brings that up.)
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And if no one knows about this specific useage I message, then I am really just looking to see if the video on this can be up to par with a camcorder, or is it just a convenience thing that it has video on these.
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well with the bigger aperture lenses. Slow movement is important. If you move to quickly you will have a jelly effect. Image quality is actually quite good with the canon's. But I still prefer to take serious videos with my JVC GZ-HD300 camcorder as well. It is just easier with the smaller size, lighter weight and swivel screen.
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