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Default Samsung, Panasonic or Sanyo??

I don't know if I have come to the right place. I am looking for a camcorder under $300. I've looked online a LOT - until my eyes have bugged out of my head - and have boiled down to 3. My main thoughts are using it for a youth group so it must be easy enough for multiple people to operate. We'll use it a lot for doing videos to post online so ease of downloading is good. And definitely a mic that picks up sound well for interviews. Also, videos from events will be put together into a DVD at the end of the year so it should be suitable for that. Many shots would be action in various settings - outsides, inside, laser tag (low light), etc. I also wanted it to record to SD cards to make it easy to put on the computer. And a good zoom for things like graduation and banquets and concerts where you're not always that close. I found these 3 - let me know what you think or if you think something else would be better:

Samsung F40 (this is the least expensive - $149)

Panasonic SDR S-50 ($195)

Sanyo VPC-GH2 ($199, but is full HD)

The last one reviewers were mixed on how well the mic picks up. The panasonic had some good reviews, but I wasn't sure if I'm paying that much just to pay the extra $4 and get HD. The Samsung records in mpeg-4, which I think takes less space. I don't know how the pic quality and low-light it compared to the Panasonic.

If you have one of these or know what may be best or some other camera that may be better let me know. Thank-you.
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