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Default Buying advice - Lumix TZ10/FZ45/FZ38

Hi everyone, newbie here, just looking for some buying advice.
Firstly, Iím looking for a camera (ideally a compact) with a decent zoom range (at least 12x) that must also do HD movies. (Doesnít have to be full HD however)
The movie mode must also include a ďwind cutĒ function, this is because I live near the coast and we often get strong sea breezes so I donít want massive wind noise spoiling my outdoor recordings.
I also attend a lot of low light indoor music concerts, so the photos at low light need to be clear and the microphone must be able to handle exceptionally loud noise without distorting the sound too much.
Finally, I like the idea of being able to take some creative photos, like blurring water on a river or waterfall or lights at night.
According to my own research, (and Iím not a photography guru or anything like that) it would appear that the Panasonic Lumix super zoom range of cameras fit my requirements quite well. Iíve come to that conclusion based on reading excellent online professional reviews about these cameras and good sample images and video on YouTube.
I am torn however between the Lumix TZ10 (ZS7 in North America) and the Lumix FZ45, which is the successor to the very popular FZ38.

People have told me that the TZ10 doesnít have the features to be creative, but I notice it does have full shutter, aperture and manual modes so surely it can be a little?
I really like this model because it does everything I want Ė its compact, HD movies, wind cut, excellent zoom etc but the creative aspect of it is holding me back.

I could however opt for a ďbridge cameraĒ i.e. the new FZ45 Ė which does all that I need but of course itís not as compact as the TZ10 and so becomes more awkward to take around. Also, looking at videos online shot with the TZ10 I notice you can hear the zoom motor on the recordings sometimes when its quiet.
Does anyone know if you can still hear that on the FZ45, or the FZ38?

Finally, the difference in UK price between the two is only about £50, so Iím really not sure. Any advice will be greatly received.

Thank you,
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Nick the low light indoors will be the problem on P&S cameras...I would get the FZ38 and try it for a couple of weeks....Amazon has a 30 day return policy here that will allow you to do that...if Amazon UK allows it I would try the FZ38 as it is better than the TZ10 or the FZ45 and very user friendly...you will definitely require a Tripod or Monopod for the Low Light Pictures as the Shutter speed will be slow and you'll get blurring from camera movement...the camera will have to be rock steady for the low light shots...but the TZ10 and the FZ38 can do it...there's one guy over at DPReview shooting concerts with a TZ7 (ZS3 stateside)...
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thanks for the advice, I think I'll try either the FZ38 or 45 and see what happens.
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