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Default Unusual Request for Help

I'm Mel Jackson.
I'm working on a new website that I would like to stream live video/audio.
I'm targeting a specific industry to stream on the site. Here's my quandry...
I need to offer my potential clients with a one - three camera setup.
If they chose just a one camera setup the camera would need to have an "audio in" so they could patch audio from their PA system into the camera.
Also it would need an optical zoom. (everyone knows the quality of digital zooms )
In this type of setup the user or person streaming the content could just turn on the camera, log in to my service, start streaming and walk away.
So far, not such a big deal except I have found very few, reasonably priced camera's with an audio in. So far in my research I've found that when you say "audio in" the price quadruples.

Next is the tough one...
Some customers will want to have more than one camera. Obviously one on the stage, then one on the crowd and one somewhere else. This would require someone manning the system and some type of switch to toggle between camera's at will. In this case only one of the camera's would need the audio in since there will only be one source for that.
I expect the crowd will be in low light but the stage will be well lit.

Does ANYONE have ANY idea where I could go to come up with this type of setup for my customers. I'm just starting my research on this and need to come up with some type of affordable setup.

Anyone that may have an idea of where to point me would be greatly appreciated.

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I would suggesting calling B&H Camera in NYC. Talk to someone on their sales staff. They would have the best access to such specialized information.
In my regular job, I had a very specialized question. It was just quicker to call and ask, then try to do any additional research on the web (after 10 minutes of looking, I was turning up nothing). After some discussion, they had a suggestion which helped very much.

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