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Default Old DSLR vs New Point & Shoot

Hello everyone,

I know that DSLR are generally better in quality, but the point & shoot cameras are smaller and easy to carry. However, I'm not sure how the point & shoot cameras compare to the older DSLRs in terms of quality.

Should I buy a Nikon D40 for $200 or spend that $200 on getting a new point and shoot camera? I'd like the best quality possible.

Thanks everyone!
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you can get a d40 for $200? i take it that's used. anyway, the d40 will probably offer better photo quality than point and shoots.
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Welcome to the Forum. We're pleased that you dropped by.

Yes, I surely do agree with pcake. The Nikon D-40 would be the better choice by a rather wide margin. I am still using my D-40 and am very pleased with it performance.

Sarah Joyce
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Sarah, I'm afraid I'll have to disagree with you. I had the D40 and really disliked it. It is a very inconsistent camera in terms of exposure (real hard to understand how the camera meters so often images were under or over exposed, forcing me to take many shots changing exposure between them). Dynamic range is also very poor and quite often highlights are overblown. There is no IBIS, no internal AF motor so not only the lens has to have stabilization (if you want the feature) but it also has to have AF motor in it. Yes, it's cheap but just because it's a DSLR it does not mean that it outperforms every P&S out there. In fact, I don't believe EVERY DSLR outperforms EVERY P&S.

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Depends by what you mean by outperform. What situations do you want to use the camera in, what sort of shots do you want to take?

For total image quality then pretty much a dSLR will win, but there are times when you won't find too much difference. Also with a dSLR having the right glass on the front will help in a big way. You use the wrong glass and you will really hamper the camera. Also for certain things you need to spend quite a bit on lenses to cover what a superzoom will do.

Big wins for a dSLR are low light, speed of auto focus, speed to take a shot, ability to grow your setup as you need to
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