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Default Long Zoom P/S compact help please!

I've done a good deal of research but I'm still at a loss as to which camera to purchase. I'm looking for a long zoom small camera that mainly is able to take good pictures for vacations. My girlfriend will almost exclusively use the automatic mode, but I'd like, ideally, more control to be more creative.

There seems to be a lot of quite good compact digitals in the 3-5x zoom range, but the choices are quite few and mediocre with the longer zoom options.

Basically we are looking for a small camera that takes good pics with a longer zoom than the usual 3-5x. We run into situations on vacations where we'd like to zoom in closer, but not have a dslr or similar bigger camera to tote around.

My thoughts are the:

Panasonic Luminx ZS6
Panasonic Luminx ZS7
Canon SD4500is

The ZS6 isn't even mentioned on Panasonic's website but supposedly it has the same nice lcd screen as the ZS7 without the GPS and some of the movie capabilities. The problem is that I only see the ZS6 for more money than the ZS7, ugh.

My concern with the ZS7 is mac capability. Seems the software that comes with the Panasonic is Windows only, and also using the AVCHD Lite movie capability isn't compatible and must be converted every time. Movies aren't a huge selling point though for me.

I'm worried about the Canon's wide angle of 36mm. I believe the Panasonic's are 25mm, which is quite a big difference.

Anyhow, enough rambling, feel free to suggest anything else, I appreciate all the potential help!

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Welcome to the Forum. We're pleased that you dropped by.

Looking at your list, it would appear that size is a priority for you. If you could tolerate a somewhat larger size, the Canon SX-130 would be an economical choice. The photos from the SX-130 are quite impressive.

The SD-4500 is touted as the world's smallest 10X optical zoom camera. However, it does not have a true wide angle. Only a bit bigger, the Kodak Z-915, at $100 has very good image quality, and the same approximate zoom range.

The long and short of it is this small cameras sell at a premium, or a higher price.

Sarah Joyce

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I had the ZS6 (from Costco) but because I manage to get the ZS7 from Amazon for less than what I paid for the ZS6, I decided to replace the ZS6 with the ZS7. Big mistake. I should have kept the ZS6 for several reasons. 1) I don't need GPS; 2) battery consumption is higher on the ZS7 (even with GPS turned OFF); 3) The ZS6 has a much larger internal memory; 4) the ZS6 allows to shoot video in B&W and Sepia while the ZS& only shoots videos in color. Those are a few differences that come to mind (actually, I posted a thread regarding the differences between the two models).

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