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I am going to throw my hat in here. As a sports shooter, the biggest thing you want to keep in mind is the cost. I will also say that you can get some camera's that really kick ass for dirt cheap. I have seen the Canon 30D with a battery grip and lens 28-135mm offered up for $300.00 on ebay or craigslist. I know tons of people will say go new only, but I beg to differ. Used can be just as good if not better for the money. Used glass is also OK, but just watch for broken or scratched stuff. Same goes for the camera. Make sure and ask questions before you put any money down. You could get a nice setup for $700.00 or so with a flash if you hunt around.

I bought my 1D Mark III used, but in like new condition. Rather than shelling out $5,000.00 at the time, I spent under 2K for the body only. Great deal considering the price of the new vs the used.
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You can find deals like this quite often.


With this camera and 4 lenses it would be more than what you need, but do all you want it to do. Buying all of that new, you could double the price,(at least) but used is a great way to go sometimes.
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Trolling the used market is a good idea, especially for lenses. But buying a used dSLR is risky. You can't know in advance how much use and abuse a camera has had. If the budget is tight, a good option is refurbished dSLRs. Adorama sells refurbished Canon, Nikon and Olympus dSLRs, and while refurbished Nikon and Olympus dSLRs have a 90 day manufacturer's warranty, refurbished Canon dSLRs have a 1 year warranty through Adorama.
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I ordered the T1i today with the 2 lenses.
I've signed up for emails on Busch's site. I'm looking for classes too.
I want to get a good basic book to help me learn. I noticed that there are a few and want a good one. Which one would be the most help so I can learn from basic to advanced.
Can't wait to try the camera. Figure it has to be better than my point and shoot until I can learn.
Thanks for all your help!
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Great choice, the T1i will serve you well. It has a great sensor and features and you can get a long way into learning the craft with it. Shoot a lot, and share, the people here are a great help in getting better.
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