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I started shooting with a Ricoh SLR I received for my high school graduation. I traded all that stuff (the body and 3 lenses) and bought all Minolta stuff. I had 3 different bodies over a 7 year period before I traded all that and switched to Nikon with an N80 SLR. As soon as the D50 came out I bought it and went totally digital. I then picked up a D80 a year later, then the D300 then traded the D80 for a D5k to have video and a smaller backup. I've always liked the way Nikons felt, and how easy they are for me to use. Canons have always felt not as solid. For a short time I had an Olympus E-510 but never could adjust to the way it felt and always had to think too much while shooting. I loved the size, but it never felt right.

I felt I was set until the D7k was released. I'm seriously thinking of downgrading the D300 for the smaller size and improved IQ (hopefully) of the D7k without giving up much speed or feature wise.
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Hi all
I thank everyone who have viewed and posted. The response has far exceeded expectations. Now to answer a question or two. I am hoping to 1 day upgrade to another camera hopefuly a dslr. I thought it would be a good idea to ask on the forum where the answers would be interesting. It came about because of the tourists that I was asking around here in Split.
I would see a person with a Nikon for example and ask why they chose that brand instead of Canon or Olympus or whatever came to mind. I thought I would expand the question here. I was worried that I might ask the wrong tourist and they would take it the wrong way and think that i might steal their camera. Overall the tourists were fantastic and again got some great responses. By far were Canon ahead as far as dslrs were concerned. As for me I was leaning toward a Nikon D90,but I also like the 7D Canon but the last factor is I have small hands so I will be checking out the Pentax K5 when it comes out coz it is a smaller dslr.

I hope that answers a question or two. I still like my HS-10 and will more than likely keep it but I class it as my learning cam to develop my skill level.
All critiques welcome

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Thanks for the explanation. I believe that a lot of us who have posted to this thread have remembered back to out first DSLR, as well a a gradual evolution to where we are today. Split is a favorite city of mine and I have visited there many times.

Sarah Joyce
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Default Maybe I'm a little late here, but here goes:

I've been shooting for somewhat over 50 years, grew up in my dad's little darkroom, worked as a photographer in the Army, etc. I shot Canon, Graflex, Kodak, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Yashica, etc but never a Pentax. I quit film a couple decades ago, have used Sony vidcams and digicams since, as well as Minolta and Oly digicams.

Three years ago I started fondling dSLRs. A bit over two years ago I started serious research. I put my systems analysis training to use, drew graphs and charts etc. But first I asked, "What do I want to do that I can't do with my Sony DSC-V1?" The answers: ultrawide, ultralong, and low-light. Everyone has fast and long lenses, but then only Pentax and Oly had AFFORDABLE wide glass, and Oly's cameras had problems.

I really was biased towards Sony and Oly and maybe Nikon, and Nikons felt better in my hands than did Canons. But I read reviews, and I especially read user ratings and bitches and gripes. Of the bodies I considered, the Pentax K20D got FAR fewer bitches and wishes of "GOD I WISH I COULD UPGRADE SOON!" than did price-comparable Canikony cams.

My specific reasons for the K20D:

* It's ruggedized, weather sealed, so I can be my usual clumsy self
* Enough (14.6) megapickles, so I won't feel a need to upgrade soon
* In-body shake reduction, so ALL lenses are stabilized, even oldies
* Tethering, important for some of my critical home studio shots
* Exceptional ergonomics -- good control placement and menuing
* OK, I'll admit to liking not being lost in the madding crowd...

With the K20D and AF360 flash, I skipped the kit lens (which I bought much later) in favor of the DA10-17 fisheye zoom (which drove me to Pentax in the first place), DA18-250 walkaround superzoom, and fast FA50/1.4. Since then I've acquired about 100 other lenses, mostly old manual primes, ALL of which are stabilized on the K20D. And I bought (cheap) some old film cams so I'm back with that again. About 80 of those lenses are usable on those newly-acquired screwmount bodies. See where Pentax brought me!?!?!?!
Too many film+digi cams+lenses, oh my -- Pentax K20D, ZX-M, M42's, P&S's, more
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