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Default What DSLR do you have and why did you choose it

Hi all,
Have been wondering why people have chosen the dslr,s they have.
Was it because of low light capabilitys or the feel and why did you choose
Nikon over Canon or whichever dslr you might have bought.. If this sort of question has been asked before then can
someone direct me to the thread it might be at.

Reason for the question is it is interesting the answers you get.

All critiques welcome

John 6:53-55
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LOL, this could be a long answer.... honestly. Are you sitting comfortably?

Konica Minolta 5D (2005), I bought this one as I couldn't afford a Canon or Nikon and the KM also had built in image stabilisation that I really thought was a cool option. I was upgrading from a bridge camera and was just shooting very general shots, nothing fancy to start with.

Canon 30D (2006), purchased as I was getting more into sports shooting and the KM 5D didn't have the best auto focus, the lens choices were not great and I couldn't add a vertical grip. I didn't go Nikon as at the time their options just didn't cut it against Canon.

Canon 5D (2007), I started shooting weddings so needed 2 cameras and my mentor was using the 5D so it was logical to have the same, let alone the simple quality that the camera produced being full frame with good high ISO results.

Canon 1DmkIII (2008), still shooting sports and wanting a better 2nd camera for weddings so this really fitted the bill with 10fps continuous shooting, crazy fast AF and the ability to push to ISO 6400.

Canon 500D/T1 (2009), wanted to play with video, nothing more nothing less. Regretted it as without manual controls on video it didn't allow me to do what I wanted.

Canon 5DmkII (2009), combined with my desire for manual video shooting as well as a better body for weddings this was my logical choice.

Canon 7D (2009), as I knew I was going to move for a period of time to Egypt and I could only take 2 cameras to cover everything this was the ideal partner to the 5DmkII as it would cater for my sports needs while away and be a good 2nd body for weddings etc.

I still have all of the cameras apart from the KM5D which my dad bought from me. I'm meaning to sell the 30D, but the rest will still have a place and the 500D might get upgraded to a 550D for my wife and for me to play with video and crazy zoom
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i shoot canon dslrs because i have shot canon since film slrs. so it made sense to transition to canon digital when i got my 20d and subsequently my 50d.

i also shoot with a Olympus PEN EPL-1 (not a dslr, but interchangeable lens larger sensor camera) because it is much smaller and more portable than my 50d and image quality for stationary subjects is not much different.
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I bought a Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D for a number of reasons, but mostly because I was very happy with my older Minolta SLRs, and was very impressed with the service I had received from them.

I bought a Nikon D90 when the sensor shift image stabilization failed in the KM5D, and I had been frustrated with the lack of affordable, large aperture, medium telephoto lenses available for it. Both Canon and Nikon had reasonably priced 85mm f/1.8 lenses, but I didn't think much of the feel of the Canon models I could afford, so I got the Nikon. Now I'm frustrated with the lack of stabilized, large aperture, standard zoom lenses and stabilized macro lenses for the Nikon, and Canon isn't any better. I may end up maintaining two systems. I'd use the Nikon for my sports/action/wildlife shooting, and a Sony or Pentax for the available light and macro shooting.

It's all about the lenses. The camera can have every feature you could hope for, fit your hand and budget like a glove, and come in your favorite color, but if you can't get the lenses you need to shoot the subjects you want, then don't buy it.
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Pentax K200D

After doing some online research, this brand/model suited my needs entering into digital photography.

I was using a Pentax Spotmatic F that had served me for 30+ years. The fact that I can use my old lenses on the DSLR was also a factor in my purchase as was the in camera Image Stabilization and weather sealed body.

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i bought a pentax k20d and was quite happy with it untill i started photographing horses, then i found the autofocus a bit slow so i sold up and bought a nikon D90.
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Pentax K-7

because my first slr was a pentax mz-50 and i had some old lenses so i thought it made sence to get a camera that could use them - turns out they were pretty rubbish kit lenses and think i used them once so could have gone with any system but am rather happy with it - small rugged and weather resistant good feature set

will probably get the the new pentax K5 before the end of the year - similar but better =)
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Originally Canon 300d. At the time it was a choice between that and Nikon. Could have gone either way. I then started to shoot sports and upgraded to the 20D to get better focus performance. Have since upgraded to 1dmkIII - now that I have such a large $$$ investment it would be difficult to switch. If I still shot a lot of sports I might be tempted to switch to Nikon. But for what I do, the mkIII works just fine. I'm happy with the system as there's a large selection of autofocus lenses, good flash system and if I choose they have full-frame options.
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actually started as a kid with a very old contax 35mm. The move to a canon AE1. And when I was in collage got a eos 630, and started to grow my lenses collection. Been trading and upgrading eos lenses for a long time. When it was time to move over to a dslr form my eos1. I almost switch to a new system. But canon does have the best selection of primes lenses which I like shooting the most. So I transition to a canon dslr. And I like the canon color.

But I do like the jpegs of the olympus, so I got a olympus evil for pretty much the same reason hards did. It is a nice compact system, that you really do not give up any image quality for static shots.
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One of my passions is existing light and night photography so the Pentax K-x is perfect for me.
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