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Default Newbie looking for Purchase Advice (Very New)

I have traveled around the world many times but never seemed interested in taking pictures, i was/am more of a doer and would never stop enough to take pictures.

Things in my life have changed a little and i would like to capture some of my adventures while they last, so i can share with loved ones.

I would be doing the following on my trips:

1. Jungle trekking (amazon, vietnam)
2. gliding
3. Temples (thailand, cambodia, india...ect)
4. mountain hiking
5. Kayaking
4. City Views from top of buildings
5. Just spontaneous pictures of people & myself.

I need to find something that is durable and does not break easily since i am a klutz. I want to take pictures of views and sometimes just little animals i encounter that may be 30 feet away. Sometimes in Rain, Snow, Clouds.

I also want to be able to grow with the camera if possible. I want to keep it less than $600 US Dollars, I live in Los Angeles currently.

I hope i am giving enough info... I am thinking a DSLR type since i want to email photos but like i said i am very very new to this.

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You've got some conflicting requirements here. Emailing photos doesn't require a DSLR as it confers no special advantage for that operation. However little animals at 30' points to either a DSLR with at least a moderately long telephoto lens or a super-zoom camera. Several of your other uses (1, 4, 5 and general ruggedness) point to what Steve's now refers to as "Life-Proof" cameras.

There are DSLR cameras that could reasonably be called life-proof (weather sealed is the common nomenclature) but not in the $600 class w/ a high zoom ratio lens. There are super-zooms in the price range you define but none are class as "life-proof".

I'd therefore suggest you take a look at Steve's three top picks in the "Life-Proof" class (especially in light of 1, 4, 5 and general ruggedness) here: http://www.steves-digicams.com/best-cameras.html . The sacrifice you'd be making would likely be sub-optimal performance in your small animals requirement indoors people shots. Outdoors requirement #7 would be OK.

A. C.
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Thanks for your response, and information on my conflicting requirements, i was not aware of them... I will look at the link you referenced.

Really appreciate it very much.

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You need for weather resisting makes for a more expensive system if you want on that can grow with you.

On the DSLR front, the least expensive WR body is the canon 60D, but you will need to move up to a L lens to get the system really water resistance. As they are the only ones that are in the canon line up.

With the pentax, they have less expensive WR lenses, but that will mean you need to look at a k-7 or K-5 body. K-5 is the newest a greatest currently in the pentax len up, but it are more expensive bodies.

For not growing system, WR camera will mean a short zoom point and shoot like the panasonic ts2, olympus tough 8010, canon d10 or sony tx5. The are pricey point and shoot camera, with the will not grow.

The EVIL are nice, but they are not WR.
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Sure, weatherproof/rugged will be your choice. But don't think of this as your final camera. Use it, and one day get a good dslr that you could bring out for when you're in more hospitable conditions. Like in-town. At somebody's house.
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Default camera

Most experienced photographers have several cameras.

So you could buy a relatively inexpensive waterproof happy snapper camera for your trip.

Later on, you could buy an entry level DSLR to keep at home and improve your photography.

Even entry level DSLR's these days are so good you could spend year's improving your skills without the camera holding you back.

Also considering buying a camera used. If you know what your doing (or know somebody who knows what their doing), you can buy a camera a couple of years old that's barely broken in for about 1/3 the price of new.
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I personally am not comfortable with the idea of buying a used weather-resistant camera to go into harsh conditions. Used may be OK for loitering around your local stomping grounds because replacement can be accomplished easily. Less so in the Amazon jungles.

A. C.
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