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Default Canon vs Sony

To date, I've been a loyal canon buyer. My latest camera was the Canon sd 980 for my son and the Canon sx 200 for traveling for me. I need a new camera now for another son and am in a quandry of which canon powershot to by.
Many of my friends who were former canon lovers have switched the sony cybershot dsc - tx5, tx7 or t99.
I spoke to someone who recommended the Canon sd 1400 if I wanted to stay with canon, but he said that the sony has the panarama option, and was better with low light situation.
What do others think about this? Also, noting what cameras I had in the past, what camera would be the best choice now?
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Default Canon v/s Sony

Thanks for sharing with us. In my opinion no camera is bad everyone is good but when we come to quality of the products then canon powershot is the best camera. although the sony brands is also good but we are talking about here quality and features. so you can buy canon.
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There is no such thing as the "best camera" so let's get that fallacy out of the way. If you are talking about P&S features, Canon is towards the bottom, not the top. Panasonic and Sony are usually the big innovators but Samsung has recently jumped on board as well with things like the AMOLED screens. If you are talking about build quality, Panasonic has been voted #1 at least 2 years running by a few different consumer groups and Samsung has pushed its way ahead of Canon. I am only referring to the compact P&S mind you. I think the S95 is quitesolid. Finally, there are plenty of bad cameras, though it is more often user error that makes for bad photos.

If you truly want low light ability, you can rule out all of those cameras you mentioned and almost every other small P&S. The backlit CMOS sensors are available from Sony, Canon, Panasonic and Samsung now, as well as Ricoh, Casio .. They are marginally better in low light but they are still bad. If low light is truly important, look at the Canon S90/S95, Samsung EX1 and Panasonic LX3/LX5.

If we forget about low light for just a sec ... The Sony TX7 is the best P&S pocket cam that Sony has right now imho, but I do think there are better options. Panasonic ZS7 gets my vote over the Canon SX210 by a slight margin, due mostly to lens quality. The Canon SD4500 pics I've seen look pretty good. Samsung has the HZ35 and the TL350.

Whatever you choose, make sure you look at samples online first whenever possible, especially if you're switching brands. Every brand has its trademark properties (color, NR, etc) and some people are displeased when they look at anything that isn't what they're used to.

Personally, I like Canon's color reproduction best and I think Panasonic offers the best all-around P&S cams. I have a Canon S95 and Panasonic ZS7, both of which I would heartily recommend depending on your needs. The ZS7's main weakness is low light. The S95's main weakness is its short range. Out of the 4 brands I mentioned, I would buy any of them except Sony. I am simply not happy with the IQ from Sony's latest cameras. (DSC-H5 was nice). This is just my opinion of course.
Disclaimer: I take photos of life rather than live to take photos and my opinions of cameras are reflected accordingly.

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