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Default Which pocketable camera to buy in Japan?

Heading to Nagoya in two days for Biodiversity Conference and looking to buy a pocketable digicam in the $200 range.

I have a Canon SLR and lenses for work, but am looking for something small to take on trips when I'm not really shooting but will surely find things that ought to be captured.

Quality images would be nice, so would as much manual control as possible in a tiny box. Macro, panorama potential (Canon's stitching software works well for me), HD-video would all be pluses, but I understand the need to compromise with a $200 budget.

Your tips on models and/or buying in Nagoya much appreciated.
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You might want to look at the Samsung TL320 which should fall in that range. It is very small with good to excellent image quality and 5X optical zoom (24 to 120mm).

Sarah Joyce
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thanks sarah...will check on samsung if they have the same/similar model in japan. the reviews make it look pretty good.
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I apologize if I read into your post that you want to buy a camera IN JAPAN. If that's what you meant then I would dissuade you from doing so. THe prices in Japan, I think, are higher than in the USA, almost certainly. They were when I visited in 1985. I asked around and my host why , they said, "prices are higher due to the distribution system, in Japan, and the middlemen which the USA does not have.

That aside I would buy a camera here to become familiar with it, get accessories I discover I want, and make sure it's working for you. Consider it a 'going away present' heh. : )

Good luck.

As far as which camera I would suggest that you
avoid problems.. and thus can not recommend any
camera with an extending lens. If you look at Ebay
at 'as is' cameras .. the vast number are there
because the lens doesn't work.

Other that that tip I can't, in good conscious, give
you any other buying advice right now about model.

I can suggest that you don't need a 12mp camera.

But it depends what you plan for the photos. If they
are to be seen a few times, and put away for later
memories then I can say, in my experience (of 20 years) that any camera of 4mp (about) is enough.
If you plan to print your photos (I don't know why
most people would) then you'll choose a size
commensurate with the print size. A google seach of 'pixel size versus print size' will find many pages
and charts to help you choose what you'll want.

Consider, even, a good used camera on Craigslist
if you want to save money. I say this only because
new cameras are not necessarily built better than
an older camera. And new technology is not
necessarily better than a 'best' technology of 2 years ago.

Enjoy your trip. In Winter Japan can be really
beautiful where it snows a bit. Eat a sparrow for

Good luck.
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A good buy for a good camera: $213 and free shipping just for an open box...
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