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Default Insurance

My daughter is buying the T1i and mine is under 30 days old. We are interested in insurance on the camera and lenses. I know I've seen on this forum in the past that there is a 3rd party insurance site, but I can't find the thread that talked about it. Is it wise to have insurance and where should I look for a good policy? Any help would be appreciated.
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not looked into insurance myself but might be worth checking with your house insurance - if you have contents insurance it MIGHT be covered or it might be possible to add it to the house insurance for a relatively small amount
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Homeowner's, Renter's, and sometimes even Auto insurance will cover a camera and lenses. But, of course, the deductible applies.
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There are 3 problems with using basic homeowners:
1) limitation of coverage - basic homeowners might not cover damages when you're on vacation in another state and drop your camera off the boat into the ocean.
2) deductible - often $500 or higher.
3) claims against your homeowners are risky because, well, you can end up getting dropped or see your rates go up.

You want either a separate policy (State Farm offers a personal articles policy) or a rider on your homeowners if it's offered. The concept is the same - you list out specific items that are covered, show proof of purchase and those specific items are covered. I use state farm now. No deductible and no affect to my homeowners policy because of claim (I actually had to make a claim a month after I got the policy) You'd have to check with your insurance company to see if they offer a rider and what it covers vs. basic homeowners.
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I came across this a while ago...

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I have it from a 3rd party for the reasons john states, also I need liability insurance in case my activities at a wedding or sports event injure someone or damage property. There are other benefits I have such as loan equipment etc but these latter things won't affect a casual shooter.

Would I have it if I didn't shoot the sort of things I do? Depends on the value of my kit and the policy cost.I pay more a year for camera insurance than my car insurance.
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Originally Posted by Mark1616 View Post
I pay more a year for camera insurance than my car insurance.
One of the reasons I don't do steady professional work anymore. Between taxes and the cost of professional insurance, it really wasn't worth it. But, that's the difference between sports and wedding (which also explains why you're doing wedding work moreso than sports )
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