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Default replacement for a Canon G5 ?? - g12, lx5, tl500, epl1 etc.


I'm thinking about replacing my oldy, but still good G5 p+s , for something a little more modern.

I had been thinking about the newer but similar G11 or G12 or perhaps the slimmed down S90/S95.

Other P+S would the Panasonic LX3/5 or the Samsung TL500 (EX1 HERE).

but what throws a spanner in the works , is the new Olympus epl1.

My other (dslr)camera is another oldy - Fuji S3Pro and i have a few lens to suit, but of course its big n heavy and you know the rest.

THe epl1 seems funky and cool and I've been pretty impressed with the photos ive seen from them - admittedly on the web.

I need something lightish and compact , the g12 is about as heavy as i would like to go , however i'm not looking for something to put in my pocket.

any suggestions or pointers must appreciated

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The epl-1 is just a little larger then the g12 with the kit lens on. But with the panasonic 20mm 1.7 or oly 17mm 2.8 it is pretty compact. The other advantage of the epl-1 is the larger sensor, so it will give you higher image quality then the the 1/1.63 point and shoots you listed. And it will give you dslr quality IQ from 100-1600iso. And you can push the iso to 2500iso if you are okay with a bit of noise.

I have a dslr, and the oly epl-1 is my travel camera. It really does take nice photos out the box without any real need for PP work. I would check out steve's olympus micro 4/3 forum. There are a good amount of photos of what you can expect with the epl-1.

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