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Default "Carl Zeiss" or "Sony G" lens, CMOS or CCD Sensor


After getting answers to my previous posts, I am wondering whether I should drop my desire for a SuperZoom camera while my top priority is Compact camera with high Image Quality.

What I understand from answers to my previous posts is that SuperZoom and Super IQ don't go hand in hand at least with a Compact Camera... and that one has to compromize on some front.

So I have decided to research a bit more before deciding on something.

My priority remains a Compact Camera so that I can carry it along easily and one that gives high grade image quality.

So I thought of researching models that don't offer great zoom but do provide great IQ and are compact too.

I will consider only Sony and Canon as somehow I get a feeling that in this category Sony and Canon are one of the best (Nikon/Canon being best in DSLR segment which I am not looking for as of now)

I have started studying Sony models... W380/TX1/T99/TX7 etc.

I observe that Sony has tried with various mixes of 2 different Sensor Types CMOS and CCD type, and 2 diiferent Lens types Carl Zeiss and Sony G in these models...

I would appreciate if you help me understand the pros and cons of one sensor type over the other and one Lense type over the other so that I can choose the Sony model that best suits me...

I will then study similar models in Canon.

Thank you very much!!

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Hi All,

further to my last post in this thread,

I researched further and found that in the P&S segment (without great zoom) the ones that I can afford to buy are the following models...

Sony T99, Sony TX1, Sony W380

Kindly compare the above 3 models on various parameters that you feel important...

That will help me decide which one to go far.

thanks for bearing with so many of my questions!!

thank you.
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Well in your other thread you already had everyone tell you that they would take the Canon over the Sony and yet here you are asking about Sony again.

To answer your primary question though, the Carl Zeiss lenses are a little better than the Sony G lenses. CCD sensors in these pocket cams typically offer sharper pictures and more detail than the CMOS cameras, all other things being relatively equal. However, CMOS will provide better video, slightly better low light performance and faster burst modes, all other things being relatively equal.

Given those selections, I'd probably take the TX1 but I will say again, given a less limited choice I probably wouldn't buy a Sony at all. In this category, Panasonic is actually #1. Canon, Samsung and Fuji also make some great cameras in this class and Nikon's latest S8100 may bring Nikon back into the game (too early to tell). Sony is #1 in ease of use and perhaps even video within this camera class - but I wouldn't put them anywhere near the top in IQ.
Disclaimer: I take photos of life rather than live to take photos and my opinions of cameras are reflected accordingly.
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Default Samsung WB2000/TL350

I did have the same problem: would like to have a compact camera with great
low light performance - then I stumbled upon the
Samsung WB2000(europe) / TL350(US). And I bought it ! I have'nt been disappointed - it is great in low ligth, takes very good pics w/o noise.

I would have sweared that I would newer have bought a "toy camera" like the Samsung - but I have changed my mind now !

Only "bad thing" about the cam, is that the control of WB is'nt that good - in other words, one have to (sometimes) tell the cam what the WB is of the given shooting place.
But if your are willing to do that occasionally, then go for it.
One other bad thing is a not-so-logical menu system - sometimes the menu options rules out each other.

Another advantage: it is equipped with a BSI CMOs sensor, hence it is very fast, with a lot of shooting options not found in cams with CCD sensor.
And yes: In spite of the sensor type; THIS cam has a very moderat noise level (up to about 400-800ISO)

Please find some reviews on the internet - then see for yourself.

Hi from claus

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The problem with Sony P&S is lack of consistency. They can release a "killer" model and then a pathetic follow-up model. It's shocking, really.This has happened over and over again through the years. So, if you are a Sony fan, upgrading to a newer model can always be risky. I totally agree with FiveO on the lens and sensor comments. However, I've seen some great results coming from Sony cameras with G lenses.

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there's more to a camera's image quality than the lens or the sensor. many cameras sound great when you read the specs but just don't deliver. a lot of what makes pics look great comes down to the software. btw, i wouldn't buy a sony myself.

we've had a number of cameras, and have never bought a sony because whenever we're buying, we check review samples on as many sites as possible, and are never pleased with the sony images. we consider every camera in a niche when we're up for a new camera, read user and professional reviews, check samples, even go in store and try 'em out. this isn't brand loyalty, either - we currently have a canon, samsung, 2 panasonics and 2 kodaks in the house, and recently sold a fuji and a canon.
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Sorry for phoenixing this old thread. It was the first hit on a google search regarding the difference between the Sony G-lens and the Carl Zeiss lenses. Sony has three levels of lenses that they use in their consumer cameras (DSLR, compact and camcorders). They have an entry level sony branded lens for their entry level lens, Carl Zeiss is their mid-level lens and the Sony G-branded lens is their top tier lens. The Carl Zeiss lens is made by Sony with a license on the design and branding from Carl Zeiss A.G. of Germany All Carl Zeiss lenses are NOT the same quality. Some of the Carl Zeiss branded lenses are made with glass while other lenses and/or lens components are made with polycarbonate (higher quality plastic with optical properties) and are produced in China or Thailand. Some of these lenses are also made entirely of glass or use some glass components.

Sony considers its G- branded lens to be its top tier. For the most part, G- branded lenses are produced in Japan, use higher glass (no plastic in G- branded lenses). Branding notwithstanding, some Carl Zeiss lenses may be as good or better than equivalent G- lenses in real world use and vice versa. Many of the G- lens designs incorporate design principles from Minolta/Konica-Minolta designs that Sony acquired a few years ago. The lenses elements also have to have a higher grading (less imperfections) to be considered a G- Lens (sort of like diamond grading). On the whole, as a consumer, you can expect the G- lens to be a "better" lens, but this may not always be the case so let the quality of the photos guide your decision. Bottom line is they are both good.

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