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Default Please recommend a $250 ultra-compact with good pictures


We want to replace our Canon Elph PowerShot SD200. We love the size (86mm 53mm 21mm and 115 g), but lately we have to take 2 pictures because usually one is blurry (we don't use a tripod, but hope that newer camera technologies minimize shaky pictures). Also, if we take pictures of things far away, they are too small to be recognized in the pictures.

Here are our requirements:
  • $250 or less (including shipping)
  • ultra compact/fit in a jeans pocket (if it's not small enough, I'm afraid we won't bring it)
  • Good pictures on 'auto' mode (we never use manual modes)
  • Optional: Made in 2010 or newer (it's almost 2011, it feels strange to buy a camera that's 2 years old)
  • Optional: 10x or higher optical zoom

I would really appreciate any suggestions. I have read a lot of reviews and created a giant spreadsheet, but it seems like cameras that get good reviews, also have some bad pictures.

Here are some on my spreadsheet that met the criteria:
  • Samsung TL240, $165, 7x optical zoom, Steve said "great pictures, recommended as a best pocketable"
  • Canon SD4000, $250, 4x optical zoom, Steve said "pleasing pictures, recommended as a best pocketable, staff liked"
  • Canon SD1400, $174, no review by Steve, takes the same battery as our Canon SD200
  • Canon SD1300, $150, 4x optical zoom, Steve said "decent pictures, recommended as a best entry level"
  • Canon SD3500, $250, 4x optical zoom, Steve said "excellent pictures, recommended as a best compact"
  • Canon SX130, $232, 12 optical zoom, Steve said "excellent pictures", but I don't think it is pocketable (308 g, 113mm x 73 x 45)
  • Fujifilm Finepix F800EXR, $222, 10x optical zoom, Steve said "good pictures"

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Check out Nikon S8100, or Kodak 950(nt sure if it's pocketable),or Canon SD4500.
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Here is a case where posting some requirements or wants eliminates a lot of cameras - which narrows down the range to something that is workable. Your desire for something that fits in a pants pocket and 10x of zoom, removed a lot of cameras. To have a 10x zoom lens, that tends to make a camera thick (need to put the zoom lens somewhere). So have you considered.....

  • Canon SD4500
  • Canon SX210
  • Samsung HZ30W
  • Canon SX120
  • Kodak z950
  • Canon SX200
  • Kodak z915
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I was actually here trying to figure out why Steve recommended the SX110 and 130, but not the 120.

I was reading your thread and I thought I'd pop in, and say while the SX120 would be a super snug fit in jeans, it's $125 right now at Office Max. They are clearancing them out. And if they only have the display left it's 10% off that.

Just thought it might help
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