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Default Canon T2i or Sony A550??? Which one?

Hello all, Going to be purchasing my first DSLR camera and have it narrowed down to these two dogs...I know both are good cameras but would like to hear what your thoughts are. For those familiar with both (used both) PLEASE, I would love to hear what your honest thoughts are. Thanks!!!
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And I forgot to mention I will putting a universal lens (18-250 or 270mm) on it...maybe a Tamaron. Thanks again!
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Have you looked at the Pentax K-r at all? I just got one and I'm very happy with it.
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There are pros and cons to either one.

I'd try them in a store to see what you think.

If Live View (using the LCD for framing) is important to you, the Sony dSLR models are going to focus *much* faster than other dSLR models when using live view. That's because their design makes use of a separate live view sensor in the viewfinder housing (when using live view, this sensor sees the same image that would have been projected to the optical viewfinder), allowing the use of their dedicated 9 point AF sensor assembly for fast Phase Detect Autofocus while in Live View mode. IOW, they can focus just as fast in Live View mode as they do when using the optical viewfinder.

Other dSLR brands with Live View are going to use much slower contrast detect Autofocus via the image seen by the main imaging sensor, or will need to flip the mirror back in front of the main sensor (blocking the live view feed while Autofocusing) to use their dedicated Phase Detect AF sensors.

I'd make sure to try out any models you consider in a store if you think you'll want Live View.

If you plan on using Live View for moving (versus stationary subjects), I'd suggest looking at the Sony A500 or A550. You'll see a link to a cutout on their product pages explaining how it's Fast Autofocus Live View system works (by use of a mirror that redirects the image normally seen through the optical viewfinder to a dedicated Live View sensor). That way, they have fast Phase Detect Autofocus without interrupting the live view feed. See the examples on the A500 product page here:


The Canon would give you Video Recording (something you do not get with the Sony A500 or A550). Canon also has more lenses available, and AF tracking using the optical viewfinder is likely a tad better than the Sony (although the Sony is no slouch in that department).

Now... if you really want to use an "all in one" lens (and that's really not a great idea for best quality with either camera, as more than one lens covering the same focal range is a much better way to go from an image quality perspective), the Sony would give you stabilization with any lens you use on it (thanks to the body based stabilization system).

The Tamron 18-250mm would be a good choice in that department on the Sony, providing you really want to compromise on image quality by using a single lens with that much focal range from wide to long, and it would be stabilized on a Sony dSLR body. Amazon.com has them for $479 right now.


But, I'd also consider the 12MP Sony A500, as it's a better bargain right this minute. B&H has the body only for $469.99 right now:


So, you could get both a Sony A500 body and a Tamron 18-250mm lens (stabilized on a Sony dSLR model) and stay under $1K.

If Video is important, the Canon is a better bet (you don't get that feature with the Sony A500 or A550) for now.

However, the new Sony A580 should be hitting store shelves within the next few weeks, and it will have video recording (as well as a newer sensor design with improved performance at higher ISO speeds, and an updated AF sensor assembly design). Sonystyle.com is expecting delivery on November 20, and based on past history, models are usually available prior to their original estimated delivery dates.

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Hi in the end its how you feel both will work for you. you need to got to a shop an try both see how they feel to you then make the choice. remember you are buying into a system.
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