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Default weatherproof, auto shot every 24hrs

I am looking for a weatherproof, battery-operated digital camera that can take one picture at a given time each day for many days (>200). Do you know of anything that meets these specs?
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In theory it sounds straight forward, and it is up to a point.

First, I would suggest a Canon that will run a software extension called CHDK. It is a software extension that will allow you to set the camera up to take regular periodic images (among other additional functions supported). To use CHDK you need to have a Canon camera that is supported. There are a lot of models supported - I would say over 100. Most of these are relatively inexpensive P&S models. You can probably find an older model for around $100.
Next, you need something (camera model) that is weather proof and Canon makes very few of these. A underwater housing may be a route here (there are some for a bit less than $200). You are probably going to need some type of enclosure anyway - I doubt you are just going to set the unit on a tripod and walk away.
Power, 200+ days unattended - I doubt that will happen. Battery life here is something you are going to have to experiment with while chdk runs controlling the periodic imaging. You might need an auxiliary battery setup with a DC/AC converter, with a AC power supply for the model of camera selected.

If you want to use a dSLR (just about any brand will do) however, you will need a wired remote that supports intervals, such as this... (and it too will require batteries - probably good for a few weeks)
You will again need external power to the camera, however since the remote shutter release will do the timing, the camera will shutdown between shots.

To get a fully sealed dSLR camera body Canon and Nikon makes them (top of the line - starts at a thousand). You could use an older body - Pentax K20D or K200D or K10D are sealed. You will need a sealed lens to go along with the body (Pentax DA* or WR lenses)

Again, some type of housing would certainly help....

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