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Default Sony A500 size

Just received my Sony A500 from B&H and had a few questions. First, the manuals were not in a plastic wrap and none of the wrapping on the other parts including the camera and lens were sealed. Is this normal or did I receive a camera that was returned by another buyer?

Second, I was surprised by the size of it. I have handled the canon t1i and don't remember it being as big. Is there that big a size difference between the two or am i crazy? I wasn't able to play with the A500 before hand and chose it over the Canon because of it's relative similarities and the price difference. But today newegg has the t1i for $600 and with the prices being close I am having second thoughts now.

Let me know your thoughts.

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B&H is a reputable retailer and I doubt they would sell an open box as NEW. If it was just the manuals that were not in plastic wraps, I would not be too concerned because not all manufacturers wrap the manual in plastic. However, all the accessories should be properly stored and protected in plastic/bubble wrap with all caps on. The strap, battery, charger, etc, they all should be in plastic bag. This is not a bottom of the line camera (and even those come well packaged). So, I'd contact B&H (after making sure you bought it as NEW and not from their "outlet" store, which would justify what you are seeing.

As for its size, yes, it's big. Most Sony Alpha models are bigger than the Canon, Olympus, Nikon and Panasonic (except for the L1/L10, which is also on the large side). The A500 is a middle tier camera and as such, it is larger than other Alpha models like the A280/A380. It's also an older model. The newer models are smaller.

Now, I never had the A500 but everything I've read about it was very positive. So, if the price was right and you can deal with the larger size, I think it's a better camera than the Canon you are considering.

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I have the a550 which is similar to the a500. yep, it's a little bigger than the t1i you mention. actually, i added the grip to the a550 as i didn't like my little finger hanging off the bottom. but each to his/her own. i can't speak for your selection technique but it sounds as if you may not have done a good comparison. the canon is a great camera too. the sony has a couple of features perhaps important to you. perhaps not. like: the best live view, articulating lcd, 16:9 jpg. off hand i can't recall any others.

give some thought to your needs and if you can return it for the canon, perhaps that's your best choice. is it too big? too heavy? or just a surprise?
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