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Default Pentax Kx or Nikon D90?

I have 48 hours to make a decision before my return window for my Amazon Pentax Kx Kit purchase is going to expire.

Here's where I'm at.

The Kx was my first DSLR purchase coming from a point & shoot.
I do like the Kx, but since I still have time to return it, I'm thinking of upgrading to the Nikon D90....here's why...

I figure I will continue to grow as a photographer, so it might make sense not to lock into a budget DSLR.

I also like the fact that Nikon offers some of the best lens out there, where as I'm not overly exited with Pentax's offerings.

I did make the mistake of buying the Kx with just the 18-55 kit lens and not the 55-300.

That's not that big a deal though as I could send back the kit I have now for the two lens Kx kit.

Did a lot of research since I bought the Kx, and I really liked the specs on the T2i, but when I went to try one out locally, the built quality & len's didn't impress me.
It felt cheap & plasiticy to me.
Plus, I really don't care about video or all the bells & whistles on the camera.
I know it takes great pictures, but it doesn't strike me as a camera that is going to last many many years.

That brought me to two better built cameras.
The Canon 50D & the Nikon D90
Since the 50D is no longer being made and is replaced with a plastic body 60D with added video and is also much expensive, I've narrowed it down to the Nikon D90 (I open to other suggestions also)

Right now I can get a brand new D90 with the 18-105 lens on Amazon with a Nikon $50.00 instant rebate for $1032.98 (killer deal me thinks)

If I return the Kx and get the two lens kit that will run me $692.00

Here is my question:

Is the D90 with the 18-105 a good enough upgrade to the Kx with the 18-55 & 55-300?

- I really don't need the extra reach of the Pentax 55-300
- Having the Nikon 18-105 is probably all I'll need for a while and I won't have to switch between the two Kx's kit lens's.
- Is upgrading to the Nikon D90 with the 18-90 kit lens going to give me better IQ than the Kx with it's kit lens's?
- I like the fact that I'll have the VF focusing indicators with the D90 that isn't in the Kx
- I also like the fact the the metering, white balance and other systems of the D90 are more accurate on the Kx
- I really don't mind paying the extra for the D90 if it's a worthy upgrade.


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In many respects, the Nikon D90 is a better camera than the Pentax K-x, but in some respects, the K-x is better. An imposrtant consideration is how the camera feels to you, and clearly, the K-x doesn't feel good to you.
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you should take a look at the Pentax K-r. you can get the body+18-55+55-300 for about $950. It is much better than the K-x.
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or if you have some budget to stretch, try Pentax K5
Check this out:
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Given the S90 and the Kx with your accelerated learning curve, I would recommend that you consider at least a Leica S2. That will probably provide you with what you are looking for. Their lenses are excellent (much better than Tamron pedestrians)!

Good Luck....
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Thanks guys,

Sorry if I wasn't clear.
At this point I'm only interestedin doing one of two things....

#1 return the Kx kit with the 18-55 lens and buy another Kx kit with the 18-55 & 55-300.


Return the Kx kit with the 18-55 lens and upgrade to the Nikon D90 kit with the 18-105

Question is:

Is the Nikon kit a step up toward a more profesional camera?
How does that Nikon kit lens compare in IQ to the Pentax two lens's?

Money not a factor, which of the two kits would you personally choose over the other, and why?
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d90 is a more advanced body with twin dials etc - its supposed to be quite good for low light too but ti think the kx might have it beat there not sure but kx is certainly got a great reputation for low light image quality

but dont think getting a more advanced body will suddenly make you a better photographer - as for the lens hmmmmm well dont know 18-105 isn't quite super zoom territory but is probably some trade off's somewhere - sure plenty of nikon shooters have used it though and will be able to tell you if its a good lens or not - as far as kit lenses go though pentax does a pretty good job - and the 55-300mm is a great lens though i would rather have the non kit version of it for the metal mount and quick shift focusing (though in reality dont know how often i would actually use said feature as normally pretty happy leaving it to autofocus)

but cant help but feel that if your second guessing your purchase you'll not be happy unless you do change it - you might then find that you prefer what you had but even if you do you'll at least KNOW which you want and can return the d90 - bit of a hassle but might help with your peace of mind
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I have the K-x with the kit lens and 55-300. I like it. You might, too, but from what you have written, I would recommend that you get the D90 and check it out. Then, finally, you could find out which one you like better and, as John wrote, you wouldn't have lingering doubts about if you should have ...
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The d90 is a good camera, but getting a little older. The 60D that you mention is actually a nicer camera then both the pentax and d90.

If you need to shoot in low light the pentax is a bit better. If you are seriously getting into action shooting the nikon action lenses are better then the less expensive sigma options for the pentax. The nikon 70-200 2.8 VR at 2000 bucks, is much better then the sigma 70-200 HSM for the pentax for 800 dollars. So if you want to go a pro route and willing to pay the higher prices. The nikon does give you better lens choices. But for everything else besides action, the pentax options will come close to the nikon options.
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shoturtle sums it up pretty well. The D90 and K-x are really in different categories: The K-x is an entry-level DSLR with excellent high ISO performance that punches above its weight. The D90 is at the very least a mid-level prosumer camera, even if it is getting a bit long in the tooth (and has just been replaced by the Nikon D7000). The Nikon may very well be better built but it's also bigger and heavier than the K-x. Which may be fine for you - but it is not something to be overlooked. It's also more expensive than the K-x, which you already know.

But if you buy into Nikon with the intention of sticking with Nikon's consumer lenses, there's no reason to buy the D90. Go with a D5000 or D3100 instead. The 18-105 is a decent walking around lens. But it's not high end and optically probably isn't much better than the K-x kit lenses. It's certainly not faster. As shoturtle says, if you want to go the prosumer route, great. But be prepared to pay for it.

Still... you only want to know whether to send the K-x back for the two-lens kit or send it back and buy the Nikon D90 with the 18-105. Between the two, I'd probably stick with the K-x if I were you. But if I were me, I'd buy a K-r. Either way, good luck.

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