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Default I've decided to buy the s95 any objection?

I think this camera is what i'm looking for: Hd videos 720p, vivid colors, low noise, pocket

what do you think? is it ok for a newbie? any objetion or disadvantage about this camera i didn't found?

Can I use the optical zoom while i'm recording a video? What about low light conditions?


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Nope, S95 does not have optical zoom during video recording.
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Works well in low light, very happy with mine. Lack of optical zoom and continuous AF during video are probably the main disadvantages.
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I've had my S95 for 12 days and a little less than 300 fotos. So far I like most:
- the quality of hand held shots at night without flash.
- setting the zoom at 50mm between shots while I walk around. Then when I see something I like I can, if needed, zoom in or out by feel using the control ring that surrounds the lens while I'm still bringing the camera up to my eye.
- It's small. But manual says don't sit with it in pocket or you could crack the screen. Most of my shorts have pockets on the lower leg that don't have that problem.
- that I can enlarge 10% of an image to full screen browser size and it looks good.

Haven't gotten used to:
- the flash popping up under where I'm holding it. My workaround is to turn the flash off.
- when viewing photos there is some sort of way one can move the camera that makes it skip to the next photo. I'm doing it by accident, so it bugs me, but not enough to open the manual yet.
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