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Don't get me wrong... I realize and trust in what you guys are telling me. I'm just telling you what *people like me* would sort-of logically reason. Personally, I've come to the conclusion that for the purposes I've discussed, the best way to do it is actually with two cameras:

--a day camera and,
--a night camera

In other words, I'd want maybe a Canon SD4000 + Lumix ZS5, and choose the tool for the job (depending on event, time of day). This combination thing, also makes sense because it allows the user to buy cameras that actually do a thing particularly well (e.g. low-light shooting), as opposed to doing a bunch of things average or slightly above. It'll also allow me to get into/stay into the market and buy another camera down the road, which guys like me enjoy (new toys ).

So I think I'm going that direction, and starting with the SD4000 Canon (sadly, missed the deal on Amazon a week or so back) right now. I really want a megazoom first, but all things considered: the low-light featured camera will be much more useful to me right now.
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