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jt1111 Dec 4, 2010 8:40 PM

EPL-1 vs Canon t1i
I just purchased a Olympus EPL1. I have been shooting with it for the last 2 days and it is an impressive camera. I do a lot of indoor shooting of my kids, 8 month old and 6 year old, and although the EPL1 is leaps and bounds better than my point and shoot, it is still a bit disappointing. My 8 month old hates the flash, so I am shooting a lot of 1600 iso, and getting a lot of blurred action. When I get enough light the camera performs well. My question is, what are my options if I want to improve. I looked at the Canon t1i and it is a bit more expensive, I am wondering if it would be a significant upgrade in low light, or if it is what it is unless you spend $1k+. Interested in thoughts of users familar with the EPL1 vs various levels of DSLR, specific to low light action shooting, ie kids.

Also is a faster lens for a micro 4/3 a viable option.


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