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Default Camera for big hands

Hey everybody!

I've been looking around here for a couple days but have not found any good info about my situation.

I'm finally switching to digital, and I bought my wife and two kids camera's first so I could play with them to see what they are like before I buy one for myself.

I bought my wife a SX20, one daughter got a SX10, the other daughter got a FZ35.

I bought all these camera's in very nice used condition as I couldn't afford to buy all those units new. Especially all at the same time like I did with those.

These for the most part are very nice camera's and a lot of fun to use. IQ could be a little better especially inside without a flash.

The one thing I hate about these camera's is the small size! I find it hard to hold onto them and if I'm not careful picking them up I'm going to be pressing buttons before I get it up to my face to look through the View finder.

For many years I used my Minolta's, Maxxum's 8000i and 7000i. I have lots of accessories for these camera's and have thought about the Sony Alfa line so I can use my lenses and flashes and remotes and you get the idea.

Anyway, I would like to figure out which camera would fit my needs and search for a used one until I find a smoking deal.

Something that will not get lost in my large hands, has full manual ability like dslr. Good all around camera for most anything life can throw at it. If the alfa camera's are good and it would be worth it to use the Minolta gear that I already have I would like to hear about that as well.

Sorry for the very long first post, I'm excited about this and don't have a big budget so buying something used in very nice condition and being able to use it for a long time would really be nice.

Thanks very much!

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You might look at the Sony A550, A560, or A580 DSLR cameras. All are fairly large cameras, and perhaps better suited to your larger hands. Your Maxxum 8000i and 7000i lenses could probably also be used on those models as well.

Sarah Joyce
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Hey Sarah,

Thanks for the reply!

I will check out the Sony's you listed. I've been leaning toward the Sony because I have several cool Minolta lenses that I paid fairly good money for.

I don't really know exactly which Sony's use the Minolta lenses and which ones don't, that is a good part of what I'm trying to find out with my research.

I like the super Zooms a lot, the Canon's and Panasonic I bought have been a lot of fun. Problem is, they are just too small for me.

Thank you very much for the tip on the Sony's! I'll watch Ebay and Craigslists to see if I can find any deals.

Happy Holidays!

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