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Default Canon PowerShot G12 vs Pansonic DMC-G10 vs ???

I am looking for a new camera to replace the Panasonic FZ5 I've been using for several years. My main use of the camera will be taking pictures of my family. I've been trying to decide if I should get another point and shoot or get a more DSLR-like camera. I like the idea of the micro 4/3 since they are more compact. I'm looking to spend $500 or less.

So far, the Canon G12 seems like a good camera if I go with the point and shoot. For the 4/3, it seems like the Panasonic G10 may be the best for my needs (price is certainly right and I don't think I'd need a better EVF or swivel screen). The olympus pen e-pl1 looks nice too, but I'm not sure how well the AF would work in lower light since there is not AF-assist lamp. I realize it's kind of like comparing apples and oranges (Canon G12 vs Panasonic G10), but I'd appreciate hearing others' opinions. Thanks.
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Both cameras are good and equally able cameras. The Canon G-12 will have more numerically high ISO capability than the G-10. To me, the issue is ability for greater zoom that the Panasonic G10 would provide, but that also enlarges the size of your kit as well, which I find objectionable.

I faced the same decision about 2 months ago, and decided on the FZ-40. The camera performance and optical quality of the FZ40's lens continue to please and amaze me. The FZ-Series have cvaome along way from your FZ5.

Sarah Joyce
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I'm in a similar quandry. I think I have decided not to go with the micro four thirds because of the size. I'm worried about buying something I will not carry around. It would be interesting to try grown-up photograph but it is 400+ euros down the drain if I don't like it.

Among P&S, I saw the Canon G12 but it's smaller sensor made me favour the Pansonic LX5 as I do a lot of indoor photographs. The snapsort site is a very useful way of easily comparing features:

I also found this a very useful review of top of the range point and shoot:
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The same guy has also done a mirrorless comparison:
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