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Default $150 for lowlight shots with a good zoom

I'm looking for a camera in the $150 range with shots which are good in low light conditions.. I'll be taking them in concerts and night events. The camera must have a good zoom feature. Please tell me which is the best one in the price range.
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This is pretty much what we all want (low light + long zoom) but it can't be done due to technical reasons. However, check out the Canon SX130 which will give you a decent zoom and handles higher ISO fairly well.
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Jozurr, did you see my most recent post about using your existing camera and adjusting the settings? I suggested adjusting your sensitivity setting, picture quality, and shooting with the camera set at other than program mode (aperture priority, or a scene mode more suited to your shooting situations). You might be able to get an upgrade to your camera for $150 used, but I doubt you'll get better than what you already have for that much.... Not having actually used the model of camera you have, I can't help you with specifics. Have you tried posting in the Kodak forum here: http://forums.steves-digicams.com/kodak-24/

My opinion is that you need to play with what you have for awhile and see if you can improve your shots--then go for a better camera once you've stretched your Kodak all you can. Buying a potentially better camera and leaving it on "auto" or "program" mode isn't likely to give you what you want, either. I think you're looking for a camera-only solution, but I think you need a camera plus user intervention solution. Especially in the price range you're looking in.
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Yes I just read your post in the other thread and posted a reply. I really appreciate you being patient.
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