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Default Now... which one should I keep?

So, I have ended up with not one, but two entry-level type dslrs....

I have the Pentax k100d super and the Olympus e-510--each with the standard kit lens.

I've played around with the Pentax and am getting good, usable pictures (not without a lot of trial and error at this point!), though I have a ways to go before I'm truly satisfied with the results. Just got the Oly the other day, and there's one thing especially that I like better than the Pentax, and that's the ability to set the white balance in relation to the Kelvin temperature of the lighting. But I haven't really had much of a chance to "do" anything with that camera yet.

Offhand, though, here are my observations:

The viewfinder and eyepiece are larger on the Pentax, and seem more comfortable, and the diopter adjustment is easier to adjust. I wear glasses and shoot with them, or can shoot without sometimes--so that's important.

The Oly, even with its quick-start guides, seems more confusing to me to use, not as intuitive as the Pentax.

The Oly feels quite a bit lighter, and might be more comfortable to handle on a long day of shooting.

I can't tell about image quality yet, but thetest shots on the different review sites seem about equal.

Aside from the white balance control, I'm tempted to keep the Pentax, but I know many of you here have used either both of these cameras, or the Pentax k100d and the e-510.

Any insights? Many thanks!

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wait and see what kind of pictures You get.
shoot the same scenes with both cameras, settings similar, see what you get. Check out a low light photo with both cameras, see which is better. Don't wait for a chance, set up something in house. Then shoot, same subject, same direction, same distance, etc. Use P or Auto to see if you can get similar effect. see what you can get.
You are lucky to be able to do this at home, I do this at the store IF they have both models out.
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At this point, I would go with the camera that is more comfortable in your hand, easier to see and compose the image thru the viewfinder and the user interface is more intuitive.

Sounds to me like the Pentax

Good Luck


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Zig has really encapsulated the issue quite nicely. It is the camera that feels easier in hand:that is comfortable, that allows you to compose the easiest, and whose menu that you like and feel comfortable with, that you will probably use more and get better photos with in the final analysis.

Sarah Joyce
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You are in somewhat of an ideal position. You can choose between the two, in your own setting - not in a store, within a finite period of time.

You are the only one that the cameras need to satisfy. The camera that you like to use will get used regardless of the brand. If not, it will sit on the dining room table collecting dust.

This might sound a bit backwards, but shoot in the RAW format and change the white balance in post processing. You are not really suppose to do that, but I tend to be lazy....

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