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Default Entry DSLR Options? Possibly resue existing lenses?

I'm in the market for a DSLR camera as a step up from the Panasonic FZ28 I've been using the past few years. I'm looking to spend no more than $750 and preferably less if possible. The camera will be used for mainly indoor shots without flash (kids plays, recitals, etc) and also outdoor action shots (kids soccer games, etc) and also some landscapes.

Based on this my main requirements are decent high ISO performance for the indoor shots and a fast acurate AF that tracks well for the sports shots. I already have a dedicated camcorder so video is not required.

So far I'm looking at the Canon T1i and T2i as favorites but I'm not sure if it's worth the extra money for the T2i if I will never use the video?

I'm also strongly considering the Pentax K-x or K-r since I can 'borrow' a few pentax lenses my father has from his 35mm film camera. I know I'll lose AF but that's ok. He has a very good 50mm/1.4 lense and a few other primes (135mmm and one other). I'm just not sure if the ability to use these lenses should be a major factor in my decision of which brand I go with. I'm also not sure again if the K-r is worth the extra money over the K-x for what I will use it for.

I'm also open to the Nikon 3100 but it seems the Canon and Pentax may offer better values.

So after that long winded message I guess I'm wondering which entry/mid level camera you feel has the best high ISO performance for indoor work and the fastest AF system for sports and if reusing 30 year old Pentax lenses should be part of my decision process?

Thanks for any advice,
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G'day Rob

Maybe have a look at a P-x & a Siggy 18-125 as a starter kit

Regards, Phil
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For indoor school events, you'll need a fast telephoto lens (i.e.: Sigma 70-200/2.8 HSM) and for outdoor sports you'll need a good AF system, I'd suggest a Canon T1i and put the remainder of your money aside until you can get the fast telephoto lens. For the price, no one's got an AF system that's as good for what you want to do.
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go with the canon it has the better af for what you want to do, better the then pentax or the nikon.
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